NFL wants to keep Rookie Symposium in Ohio


The second half of the NFL Rookie Symposium kicked off on Wednesday when the AFC rookies arrived for their four-day stay at the league’s orientation for new players.

Rookies from the NFC got the first crack at listening to speeches from the likes of Michael Vick and Chris Herren, the former NBA player whose career went up in smoke thanks to drug addiction. They closed their stay in Northeast Ohio with a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, a field trip that the NFL wants future rookies to take as well. That means doing future symposiums in the same neck of the woods, something NFL V.P. of player engagement Troy Vincent would like to see happen.

“This is our objective,” Vincent said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I don’t see any reason why we won’t be back. Logistically, it makes all the sense in the world.”

Past symposiums have been in Florida, California and Virginia, but the league thinks the ability to visit the Hall is essential to the mission of educating rookies about the history and traditions of the league. Since that probably won’t happen if the symposium is held anywhere else, it’s a good bet that the rookies will be coming to the area for years to come.

5 responses to “NFL wants to keep Rookie Symposium in Ohio

  1. Maybe do a scared straight with the rookies and take them to a state prison for a day and see if the drug and alcohol use goes down!! Prison would be something that would make anybody appreciate their freedom, especially sports athletes.

  2. Chris Herren recently spoke at the high school I work at. Very very very power story and speaker. It was incredible to watch the kids (and adults) truely listen, everyone in that room that day took away something from that assembly. If Chris Herren ever comes to your area to speak I would definitely encourage you to go and if you have any pre-teen/teenage kids, TAKE THEM!

  3. Men will be men. They can reanimate Malcolm X, George Washington, and JFK to tell these guys whats right and whats wrong but in the end they are young men with money who do whatever whenever despite the warnings.

    Does the NFL really think 1st Round draft pick “So and So” is going to stop and think about what PacMan said at the symposium while being handed a joint or getting behind the wheel after a few drinks?

    These symposiums and faux-learning events are a giant waste of money.

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