Robert Griffin III bringing teammates to Baylor for workouts


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III can afford a much nicer place now, but he’s moving back into his college apartment near the Baylor campus for the month before training camp starts. And he’s bringing a lot of his new teammates with him.

Griffin thought the Redskins’ offensive skill position players would benefit from some extra work together in July, and so he decided to ask his teammates to join him. Waco, Texas, isn’t the most fun place to spend a summer vacation, so Griffin said he was surprised by how many teammates said they’ll go.

I offered that they could come to Waco,” Griffin told Ian Rapoport of “We got workout facilities and everything. Shockingly, I convinced them to come to Waco, Texas, because not everybody wants to do that. I think next year we’ll do it somewhere more flashy, more vacation-like. Miami or Los Angeles, because I won’t have an apartment in Waco to move out of. But those guys made the sacrifice to come down and see me. So, it’s great that we’re already starting off on the right foot.”

Griffin said receivers Santana Moss, Pierre Garcon, Anthony Armstrong, Aldrick Robinson and Brandon Banks, as well as tight end Fred Davis, are among those who have committed to attending.

“All those guys are coming down to throw,” Griffin said. “For those guys to show that they’re willing to come to Waco, Texas to work out with me lets me know they believe in me.“

For Griffin to take the lead on organizing the workout shows he’s already developing veteran leadership qualities, before his rookie season.

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  1. For Griffin to take the lead on organizing the workout shows he’s already developing veteran leadership qualities, before his rookie season.

    I read where Mike Shanahan was heard to have said “It would be nice if griffin and some of the boys were to practice on their own somewhere. You know I can’t insist that happens but it would be nice”.

  2. If this kid represents himself on the field as well as he does off it the Skins are gonna be NASTY. Hope it works out for him/them.

  3. 4 out of 6 of those receivers probably dont make the squad.. but its impressive to see the Rookie and fellow teammates getting together and doin work! I guess while in Texas, he should see if Romo wants to show up in his prettiest skirt to learn some things.. maybe develop a good relationship with RGIII so he can get the first interview after the superbowl, since he’ll be commentating in a couple years

  4. This is how a team becomes team. This kid has done nothing but impress the heck out of me since the skins showed interest in him. All I can hope for is he continues to improve as a pro QB, and elevate his game and teammates to become a consistent contender. Us skins fans have had to endure so much crap over the past 20 years, that RG3 has been a huge breath of fresh air. HTTR!!

  5. Brandon Banks has no choice… He either makes the team as WR or he is going to be some other team’s return specialist next season.

  6. I think it’s awesome that they’re going out there. It does say a lot about their drive to win ut also how much they respect him. What will they do?
    I bet they wear footie pj’s, build forts and play madden all night jacked up on whatever energy drink they endorse! lol

    Watch out for dem Skiiiiins! They’re gonna get hot fast!

  7. *sigh*

    Why did we pass on this guy????

    The only Colts player who seems to like Luck so far is Fleener.

    That shouldn’t last for long, Luck and Griffin just have different kinds of charisma. Griffin has more of a dynamic, magnetic personality, helping him to develop friendships and connections more quickly, while Luck is more of a quiet, lead by example type, who teammates grow to love (hence the friendship with Fleener). Neither kind of leader is necessarily better than the other, just different. Luck should evolve a solid rapport with his teammates as he develops as an NFL player.

    It’s a shame the Colts aren’t an NFC team, as it would be cool for the two to play each other more often and develop a kind of Magic/Bird friendly rivalry, as Luck and Griffin mirror those two guys in so many ways, right down to the personality.

  8. RGIII has the mindset for Pro Football. You can tell that he is not lazy or self-centered, he is a hard worker, who wants nothing more than to prove to the world that he belongs. The Colts made a mistake passing on Griffin to take Luck, RGIII will succeed. We’ll see him in action soon. I’m not even a Redskin fan and I’m excited to see this kid play!

  9. The last thing I will do is bash Luck. I’m a die hard skins fan and I am happy so far with RG3. I won’t predict if he will have a bad or great year. Just happy we got a kid to learn the position instead of band aids. We need a solid ur. Game and D to reach that next level. Hope for a respectable year.

  10. therealbleedcoltsblue says:Jun 28, 2012 4:28 PM


    “Why did we pass on this guy????
    The only Colts player who seems to like Luck so far is Fleener.”

    Hey Colt’s fan(s), you got a great player, both our teams will be fine with the guys they drafted. I personally would have been equally comfortable with either, though a month out from the Draft, I was pumped for RGIII.

  11. RGIII 2012 stat line:


    5,294 yds, 42 td, 3 int


    1,267 yds, 17 td

    NFL MVP, Superbowl MVP, ROY, OPY

    the rest of the league quits

  12. Hey peytonsneck18,since you can see the future can you please give me this weeks Powerball numbers.

  13. My Rammies (go ahead and make fun, at least I’m not fair weather) got a boat load of comp for him and it was the right move. Still, Skins are now my second team while he’s playing for them. Class act with unreal upside potential.

  14. Skins fans have to love this. It shows that the kid is willing to put in the time to become successful (at the NFL level, not that he wasn’t in college). Not only that, but its only going to help his chemistry build with his receivers.

    As a Packers fan, we’ve been quite lucky with the QB position for the last 2 decades, but let me tell you, the thing I like most about Rodgers over what we had with Favre (not trying to put Favre down because he is a legend) is that he puts the time in with the team. He knows he’s got all world talent, but he still has that drive to get better with his receivers each and every year. So far, it looks like RGIII has that same mentality and that is a GREAT THING for Skins fans looking forward.

  15. I like how peytonsneck still thinks it’s “all hail”. its great. keep posting buddy. please just don’t change handles when rg3 does well. oh, and by the way, no one really thinks the redskins are going to be good this year, or be great in the very near future. we have hope that our flailing franchise can really start to develop, without the constant fear of rebuilding over and over again. its impossible to know which wr is going to break out, unless you have talent getting them the ball. yes, theoretically rg3 could bust. we all know that, but the bust ratio is a lot lower than you might think. when you see manning and leaf, you think it’s 50/50, but over time, you see it’s a lot lower. I hope for good things, I just have to remind myself that my life won’t change substantially if the redskins contend. my brain does not inutit that.

  16. It seems like u redskins fans are the physics, IRG3 SB bound, IRG3 better than Luck, IRG3 is first ever qb to work with recievers in off season, as Dennis Green said, crown his A$$, u skins fans crack me up

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