USFL takes a closer look at Akron

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The resurrected USFL, which will aim to complement not compete with the NFL, began its search for eight host cities on Wednesday, with a trip to the cradle of pro football.

In Akron, Ohio, USFL officials met with local muckety-mucks in the hopes of determining the viability of placing a franchise in LeBron James’ hometown.

“The response we have received from prospective ownership groups and cities has been extremely positive,” Jaime Cuadra, the USFL President and Chief Executive Officer, said in a release.  “We are working diligently to set up meetings as part of the USFL city tour, in multiple cities across the country that we will be visiting in the near future.”

Also joining Cuadra for the visit was USFL COO Fred Biletnikoff.  Former NFL defensive lineman Bob Golic will serve as the USFL’s Akron liaison.

Future city tours will be conducted in Austin/San Antonio, Portland, and Salt Lake City.  The USFL plans to return in the spring of 2013, with a 14-game season.

7 responses to “USFL takes a closer look at Akron

  1. Since Akron, Ohio is (or was) the rubber capital of the world, I would propose the “Akron Prophylactics”. And because the old “Rubber Bowl” stadium would need to be renovated to accommodate them, I say put a lid on it and rename it “The Condome”. Just hoping their line will be able to stop the penetration !!!!!

  2. I remember the founders of the original USFL stating in no uncertain terms they were going to complement, not try to compete, with the NFL. So I’d suggest the Portland Whatever and the Salt Lake Yeah, Right. A little success, buy-in from a Trumplike mogul seeking world domination, and next thing you know … splat!

    Gee, I’m getting cynical.

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