Vikings add member of 2009 Saints defense


The Vikings apparently are willing to let bounties be bygones.

On Thursday, the team signed a member of the 2009 Saints, who allegedly had a total bounty of $35,000 on Brett Favre in the NFC title game that year.

The new arrival is defensive end Jeff Charleston, a six-year veteran who joins a depth chart that could be without Everson Griffen, if he eventually shifts to linebacker.  To make room for Charleston, the Vikings cut defensive tackle Terrell Resonno.

Charleston, who spent the last four years with the Saints after one season with the Colts, appeared in every game during the 2009 campaign — including the 31-28 overtime win over the Vikings.

If there indeed was a bounty system that year, and specifically a bounty on Brett Favre, Charleston likely knows all about it.

Of course, the Vikings previously employed the player who widely is believed to be the man who said “give me my money” on the notorious sideline videotape.  The Vikings cut defensive tackle Remi Ayodele after only one season, dumping him on the same day that the NFL announced the initial penalties against the Saints and various coaches.

Ayodele has since re-signed with the Saints.

5 responses to “Vikings add member of 2009 Saints defense

  1. ??? I would have said DE was our deepest position. Also, Griffen should be mainly rotating at DE in my opinion to keep the others fresh. He could start on ALOT of teams! Gotta love a 270lb punt team gunner!

  2. Remi Ayodele is a whatever dude kinda guy. I do not blame charleston for what happened. The vikes melted down pure and simple. Remi and the other dude didn’t help and probably wrecked the vikes chances for a SB unless the vikes squeked by and Tjack had a great game against the colts. It’s all done now. Will we ever win a SB? IDK, if charleston wins won for us. I will be forever grateful. Peace to all us vikes fans.

  3. So tell me if the Saints was so bad of a team where the NFL call them bounty hunters why would another team want a bounty hunter. Because all team knows they all plays the same kind of ball this is a men’s thang these guys are not out to hurt one another. These guys plays for fun they love one another but when its business its business.

  4. He’s an excellent situational guy. The best part is his sack dance (which seriously is him getting in a gorilla stance and looking like he’s trying to change a lightbulb…yeah it’s weird I know but hilarious!).

    Good depth pick up!

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