Andre Carter still waiting for Patriots to show him the money


As inevitable as an Andre Carter reunion with the Patriots may seem, the sticking point should come as no surprise.

As always, even when they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reports that the defensive end’s looking for a long-term deal at a salary commensurate with his Pro Bowl resume, since he expects to be ready to play the regular season opener.

The Patriots, on the other hand, see a 33-year-old who tore his quadriceps tendon in Week 15, who might need to go on the physically unable to perform list as soon as he’s signed. Howe indicates that’s a negotiating tactic, designed to lower financial expectations for a guy who would miss a third of the season.

Carter was a bargain last year, turning in 10.0 sacks emerging as a three-down player who provided leadership, all for a one-year, $2.75 million contract.

As an indication of how much he wants to stay in New England, Carter’s apparently turned down interest from other teams.

But the Patriots have made contingency plans if they can’t find financial common ground, drafting pass-rushers Chandler Jones and Jake Bequette, and signing free agents Jonathan Fanene and Trevor Scott.

So even if the Patriots are holding a roster spot and a jersey number for him, talk that they’re destined to get together will come down to the eventual dollars and cents.

8 responses to “Andre Carter still waiting for Patriots to show him the money

  1. Both sides need to be realistic here. The Pats need to accept that Carter, when healthy, was the strength of their D line, and Carter needs to accept the risk he presents to New England.

    Then they need to hand him a bushel of money or he sits by the phone for a phone call that never comes, from some other team.

  2. Come on everybody, find some common ground and make this happen!

    At first I thought it would be a stretch to give him more than a one year deal, but I think he would be a great mentor for these young edge rushers they got this offseason.

    He is a great complementary pass rusher. Mark Anderson would never have gotten paid like her did if not for Carter, because a good portion of Anderson’s sacks came when the QB was running away from Carter.

    Just like a baseball team can’t have enough good pitchers, a football team can’t have enough good pass rushers.

  3. It’s too risky to sign him beyond a 1 yr deal…he should realize that. Even then it needs to be incentive based, where he would need to play or not be paid…

  4. Carter was really terrific for N.E. last season; 10 sacks in 13 games. Very much a surprise. Solid veteran and good locker room presence, too.
    Pats have money to spend under the cap; just get a 1-year deal done with this guy and move on.
    And while you’re at it, how about getting Dont’a Hightower under contract as well.

  5. The pats are cheap. Bottom line. They grind you up amd spit you out- no loyalty.

    Patriots= meat grinder, false dynasty
    William= petty
    Robert= cheap

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