Ben Watson not overly concerned after three concussions in 2011


Browns tight end Benjamin Watson suffered three concussions during the 2011 season and was put on injured reserve after the third one. But Watson isn’t worried about what that means for his long-term health.

Watson said on NBC SportsTalk that he thinks concussions in the NFL are a legitimate concern, but that he also isn’t going to be an alarmist about it, knowing that plenty of players have suffered concussions in their careers and gone on to live happy and healthy lives for half a century or more after retirement.

“I don’t believe that every single player who had a concussion is feeling the effects of them — like many other injuries they affect people in different ways,” Watson said.

As for the former players now suing the NFL, Watson said they should be taken care of if they’re ailing.

“It’s something you definitely research,” Watson said. “If those guys are feeling the effects of concussions it’s definitely important that they get the treatment they need.”

But Watson isn’t worried that he’ll be joining them.

Here’s the video of Watson’s appearance, in which he also touched on new Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden and what the Browns need to do to compete in the AFC North:
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7 responses to “Ben Watson not overly concerned after three concussions in 2011

  1. Concussions are only an issue when the money stops. They’re fine with being killed slowly – as long as you pay for it. When the checks stop coming, the lawsuits magically appear.

  2. Why should he be concerned? He’s already well qualified to add his name to the lawsuit.

  3. Easy for him to say. Didn’t he ace his wonderlic? He has brain cells to spare.

  4. Ben Watson is one of the good guys . a class act on & off the field . i hope he has no lingering effects after football and that he can contribute to my beloved Browns turn around this year .

    i have 6- 8 wins pencilled in for this season with a bright future ahead for this long suffering fan base .

  5. I would ask if he is aware of his last brain scan? Has he made any adjustments to the equipment he wears, etc.

  6. Someone hold onto these quotes and we’ll see if he tries to come back and sue in 10 years.

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