Broncos DE touched by wildfire tragedy


Defensive end Ben Garland was one of four Broncos players to go to Fort Collins, Colorado to meet with and thank firefighters who have battled out-of-control blazes there.

And he did while nearly mourning a loss deeper than a few belongings.

Garland’s grandparents had to quickly evacuate with what possessions they could carry Tuesday, and lost their home in Colorado Springs to the Waldo Canyon fire.

Sharon and Hal Garland are now staying with their grandson, a third-year former undrafted free agent who’s trying to hang onto a job with the Broncos. While staying there, they saw aerial photographs that confirmed their home was among those lost.

My grandma is absolutely devastated,” Garland told Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.

All his family members got out safely, and other relatives have gone to stay with his parents in another part of the state. That personal connection made him want to be a part of a group to visit the firefighters and evacuees.

“I just wanted to thank them for their hard work, going out of their way to save peoples homes and lives,” Garland said. “It was cool to see how community came together. It makes you proud to be a part of Colorado.”

The Broncos have already pledged $50,000 to relief funds, and anyone who wants to help is encouraged to visit

13 responses to “Broncos DE touched by wildfire tragedy

  1. Broncos are BIG SPENDERS – WOW, $50,000!!

    Why not just forgive some of the debt you put the tax payers in for that new stadium

  2. Those wildfires destroyed a lot of homes and a lot of hearts. My g/f grew up in Colorado, her mother is still there. Luckily the fires were taken out before reaching her house. Many weren’t so lucky though. Its amazing that one cigarette butt or strike of lightning can cause all of that destruction.

  3. A local tragedy, indeed. I’d love to see any other non-Bronco player or associate donate $55,000 to the cause. Pat Bowlen, you should be ashamed.

  4. Worst CO fire in history yet the Broncos only toss 50K at it? Bowlen does realize that his state loves the Broncos enough to spend far more than that during a single game, eh?

  5. The Broncos donate $50,000 and half the comments on here are that they didn’t donate enough. So, if $50K wasn’t enough how much did you donate?

  6. I live in the hurricane state, or so they call it the Sunshine State, & unfortunately I’ve seen it all from homes & most importantly lives lost. Theirs nothing more fierce than mother nature. My prayers will be with everyone who lost their biggest asset in life (their home) & to those who don’t have another place to stay, I pray for you. This is mighty tragic, but keep your heads held up high as you may have survived your darkest predicament in life, & still have another day to live, unlike some others!!

    PS- Shout Out to the firefighters of Colorado who risked their lives to save other homes & the lives of innocence.

  7. waflestomp says:

    The Broncos donate $50,000 and half the comments on here are that they didn’t donate enough. So, if $50K wasn’t enough how much did you donate?
    Broncos are basically a 1 Billion $$ company – So thats like me donating a few dollars – And the Broncos receive tax payer money, so the people complaining have indirectly probably already given a higher percentage of their wealth than the Broncos.

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