Cedric Benson still a possibility for Raiders

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In a post about Visanthe Shiancoe, I mentioned there weren’t a lot of notable free agents still looking for work.

Cedric Benson might be the most notable name on that list. He’s run for more than 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons, but hasn’t found work in a league that has moved away from employing workhorse backs like Benson in recent years. He’s been linked here and there, but nowhere with more frequency than Oakland where the Raiders could use someone to do what Michael Bush did for them in recent seasons.

Nothing has happened yet, but Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on NFL Live Friday afternoon that it still might. Schefter reported that Benson is still on the Raiders’ radar and that he could be signed just before or just after training camp gets underway in a month. Bill Williamson of ESPN.com reported earlier this week that the Raiders were interested but that “salary cap and money issues” were getting in the way of a deal.

If they can iron them out, Benson could make a good complement to Darren McFadden. His powerful style would mesh well in spots where McFadden’s flash is less useful and the former Bengal can also fill a bigger role if the Raiders want to limit McFadden at times in hopes of keeping him healthy. Their current backups — Mike Goodson and Taiwan Jones — don’t have Benson’s track record and haven’t inspired much confidence that they can provide the proper balance with McFadden.

12 responses to “Cedric Benson still a possibility for Raiders

  1. Would love to see this happen. Benson, while not as much of a big play threat as McFadden, can step right in without much of a decrease in production. If both men can stay healthy, this could turn out to be the best tandem in the NFL. Make it happen Reggie!

  2. Is there any indication that Benson is interested in being a back up? He left Cincy because he didn’t want to share time.

  3. If somebody doesn’t sign this cat soon, he’ll move back to Austin and start getting arrested.

  4. This is just a no-brainer. Taiwan Jones is too much LIKE D-Mac, and Mike Goodson is…well…Mike Goodson. He has something like 500 yards in his career. Some nice potential, but for a team with a real shot…get the monster back you need!

    I wonder if they have to wait until they make some cuts to get the money worked out…

  5. For some reason, I just don’t want the Raiders to pick-up Benson. It’s not that he wouldn’t be a solid back-up, but I’m personally more interested in seeing Taiwan Jones being the main reserve behind McFadden. With Benson around, it could diminish his playing time. I think Jones could be really scary.

  6. lmao, neither have inspired much confidence. yep that is why the raiders drafted taiwan, and signed goodson.seems to me that tbey dont have much confidence in benson, or else he would already be a raider.

  7. Taiwan Jones is going to open some eyes this season. Just like Moore and Ford the previous seasons, respectively.

    I believe all of them were Al Davis picks.

  8. Using Bill Williamson as a source for the direction of the organization is funny. That clown goes to camp once a year, attends just one 1 Raiders game and he is supposed to know the pulse of the Raiders? Hilarious. BSPN is just playing a guessing game right down during this slow news cycle.

  9. @ mwindle1973: benson left cincy because we decided not to resign him. he didnt leave us we left him. “not that im happy about the decision, im just stating the facts.”

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