It’s a tough time to be named Gerry Sandusky

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The difference between a G and a J has never seemed quite so significant.

Ravens radio play-by-play man Gerry Sandusky is learning that right now as he deals with attacks on Twitter because he is being confused with convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky. Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant coach, was convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse last Friday and that’s set off a steady stream of vitriol directed at Gerry Sandusky, who is not related to the other Sandusky.

Gerry Sandusky has been called a pervert, told to rot in hell and dealt with all other manners of negative spew despite having a Twitter bio that is devoted to pointing out the difference in their names and their lack of any actual association. His Twitter feed is filled with pleas to notice the difference in their names and requests to rethink the desire to see him burn in Hades as well as a sign that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor passed along via

One day after a major cable news network embarrassed itself by not reading past the first line of a Supreme Court decision, this stands as another reminder that there’s no excuse for not taking a little extra time to make sure you’re getting things right. Let’s also use this space to assure any other misguided souls out there that the residents of Sandusky, Ohio did not change the name of their town to signify solidarity with a man who should spend the rest of his life in prison.

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  1. Some dude from Buffalo on Twitter got absolutely owned by hundreds of people for calling out Gerry. I can also assume being from Sandusky, Ohio might be a problem for some.

  2. seriously dude, you shouldn’t have to, but change your name. jerry sandusky’s name is like the name hitler. he is the most loathed man in america right now. you can’t compete with that.

  3. His response is ABSOLUTELY spot-on. If one is going to lather up enough hate to disembowel another person on twitter, shouldn’t he/she make certain the CORRECT party receives taunt, threat, curse,etc. prior to hitting ” send? “

  4. Gerry is also sports director for WBAL-TV in Baltimore and is one of the more cogent, erudite observers of the sports scene in the Mid-Atlantic.

    But he does have a football connection beyond his role as the Ravens PBP announcer; his father, John Sandusky, was a long-time coach of the Baltimore Colts and was even, I believe, an interim head coach in the Bob Irsay bad days.

    Gerry’s roots in Baltimore are long and deep; but as soon as news of that PSU Scumbag P.O.S. hit the web, I knew Gerry with a G was going to hear it.

    Glad to see he stills maintains a sense of humor! He’ll need it for a while.

  5. Reading some of the tweets people are sending to him, it appears he is more the victim of a number of twitter trolls than people actually mistaking his name for that of (J)erry Sandusky. By responding to those tweets he is falling for the joke and probably perpetuating it.

  6. I pray for some people.

    These people and the people who harassed the male, black, and overweight Casey Anthony. Just because they had the same name.

    $20 says they were all drunk.

  7. In a few years people won’t even remember Jerry Sandusky. Life is almost back to normal for my neighbor Jeff Dahmer.

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