Jaguars want in on future London trips


As soon as Patriots owner Robert Kraft said the NFL wanted to play two games a year in London, it became clear that the Jaguars were trying to get in on the action.

The Jaguars have already expressed interest in playing one of the two, according to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan said when he bought the team he wanted to play a game in London. And Mark Lamping, the Jaguars president of non-football operations, told Stellino that’s still the case, with the team willing to make multiple trips if necessary. The Rams have already committed to playing three games in London, starting this year against the Patriots.

“We’ve expressed an interest to the NFL in hopefully being one of those teams,” Lamping said. “We think it will increase the profile of the franchise, and Jacksonville can use it to market the city. What’s good for Jacksonville is good for the Jaguars.”

Khan said he wanted to take local business leaders with him on what amounts to a fishing trip, as a way to attract foreign business to North Florida.

Of course, any time a team visits another place, there’s an immediate (and perhaps justified) concern among the fanbase that their team is looking to make such a move permanent. But Lamping tried to quell that talk, saying the Jags aren’t a candidate for such a move, and pointing out that season ticket sales are up from last year.

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  1. If the Jaguars go they almost for sure will end up as the designated home team, right? It’s usually a team that has trouble selling out all of its games that loses a home game to play in London, just like the Rams will do for the next three years.

    In a league where the difference between success and failure can be so narrow, it seems foolish to me that any team would willingly trade a home game for a neutral site game.

  2. Even with an exceptionally bad product the Ram’s haven’t had any blackouts, there are a lot of teams in bigger markets with better teams that can’t sell out. The only difference is a Walmart owner that treats his fans like Walmart treats it employees. In the end St Louis will cave in and the Rams will stay.

  3. Shad Khan is following through on his vow to give the Jaguars more visibility. They were turned down for Hard Knocks, so this is another way to achieve his mission. It is true that there are high profile teams and the Jags are not in that group (even during the seasons that they make the playoffs). Any chance to level the playing field will work for our new owner.

  4. Seems as though it is a push to grow the Jaguars brand. There was a much cheaper, more marketable option available to him earlier this year and he failed to jump on the deal.

  5. draftking, it’s even worse for the Rams (or ant team that plays a “home game” there against the Patriots) as the Pats are very popular there it really becomes another away game for the Rams. That said I don’t mind them playing there at all for the exposure but I’d rather all NFL teams be based in the USA.

  6. Yes, this is a good move for the Jags. Nobody wants to attend the home games so they might as well try a different venue. I’m sure that teal, black and gold will be quite popular in London. LOL

  7. Smashing. Now we have to put up with UK broadcasters referring to the team as the “Jacksonville Jag-yoo-urs.”

  8. “Khan said he wanted to take local business leaders with him on what amounts to a fishing trip, as a way to attract foreign business to North Florida.”

    Glad you mentioned this. People forget that Khan has a billion dollar corporation that he owns in addition to the team. The Jaguars are just part of his portfolio, along with Flex-N-Gate. He will use each entity to boost the presence of the other.

    I have no doubt that if the Jaguars play a game in London that Khan will have a large contingency of clients from his auto parts company with him. He is a savvy business man and he knows the benefits of playing a game there.

    And I hope people realize he isn’t some pied piper to Jacksonville. He has been doing business in this town for 30 years. His first big break in the business came with a deal he struck with Toyota in Jacksonville.

  9. I hope the owners can find a happy medium between what’s good for the game and just making boatloads of cash.

    Playing in London is not good for the game.

  10. “Nobody wants to attend the home games so they might as well try a different venue.”

    Not true- the Jaguars have not blacked out a game in years and they won’t this season. Not sure you can say the same about the Bucs, Raiders, Chargers, Bills…

    Now throw the tarps issue at me. All the tarps do is reduce the size of the stadium to an average NFL stadium size instead of the behemoth they built to accommodate the Florida-Georgia game.

    True, they can’t sell out/reach the blackout number for a 78,000 seat stadium but for an average NFL sized 67,000 seat stadium…no blackouts in years.

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