Jim Kelly: I’m rooting for Tebow-Sanchez turmoil

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The quarterback fraternity in the NFL is usually fairly collegial. But one former NFL quarterback is gleefully rooting for two current NFL quarterbacks to find themselves in an awkward situation this year.

That former quarterback is Jim Kelly, the Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer who says he’s still a Bills backer and therefore is hoping that the Jets’ two quarterbacks, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, find themselves in the midst of a divisive quarterback controversy.

“As a Buffalo Bills fan, I hope there’s so much turmoil during training camp, I hope Tebow plays great, he pushes Sanchez, and all of a sudden the locker room is coming apart,” Kelly told Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network’s Total Access. “They open with the Buffalo Bills first game of the season in the Meadowlands, so this could be very exciting.”

Kelly said that if he were a quarterback he would have hated to be in Sanchez’s shoes right now, knowing that the first time he struggles, he’s going to hear booing from his home fans and calls for his backup. Kelly said that if the Jets are really as committed to Sanchez as their franchise quarterback as they say they are, it was crazy to trade for Tebow.

“I really, to be honest with you, don’t know what they were thinking,” Kelly said. “Me, if I was a general manager or a president or the owner of a team, I would not have done that.”

But as a former player for — and still a fan of — an opposing team, Kelly is glad the Jets did that.

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  1. Tebow’s gonna average around 15 plays a game. I’m sure the Fans will be fine. I don’t get how the bigger story is so little reported. How have the Jets stuck with Green at RB for this long. This guy can’t run in that offense. How do you not spend a 2nd or 3rd round pick on anyone?

  2. LOL, love it!

    Anyone know where Jim Kelly lives? I really want to send a case of beer and a pizza to him as a thank you.

  3. The Jests are the easiest team in the NFL to predict. In July and August, they will be one big unstoppable happy family, poised to go 19-0 and win it all. During September they’ll start out 4-0, Sanchez will be Brady-esque and Tebow will be running wild. Jests fans will be beside themselves with glee. Then, around week five or six or so, Sanchez will have one of his usual inept games and throw a ton of INT’s. Jests fans will scream themselves hoarse for Tebow. He’ll get a start, pull out a miracle win and Jests fans will be beside themselves with glee again. Then he’ll fall apart and/or get injured. Sanchez will return. They’ll end the season on a 1-7 run and barely miss the WC spot. Jests fans will be beside themselves with rage. Rex Ryan will still be fat.

    In other words it’ll be exactly like every single other Jests season.

  4. I can’t wait until the new York jets endure the same thing from tebow fans like in denver, they are gonna eat Sanchez alive after one screw up, he’s gonna have to go 20-20 350 yards 5 TDs and 0 INTs every game just to silence the tebowmania talk. Jets are gonna be in turmoil next offseason because they’re gone have to replace chezbow for 2 more QBs

  5. Kelly just lost another Super Bowl while making this statement, although isn’t everbody outside of Jet Fan hoping this is a circus?

  6. That’s the great thing about America: we can hate a rival team from the day we’re born til the day we die, but we take it out by criticizing opposing management, and hoping their locker room is divided by a bitter rivalry, not by burning down their bars, and throwing bricks at their fans after the game, like they do in Europe.

  7. Of course jim kelly is brutally honest. He grew up in pittsburgh. We’re all hard nosed and will tell you like it is…like it or not! We’re steel tough baby!

  8. You would think the GM for the Jets would have thought of the controversy before deciding to bring in Tebow. It also could of have been done on purpose in order to light a fire under Sanchez or rid of him for good. Either way there will be problems in the future.

    Jim Kelly is awesome!
    Go Bills!!!!

  9. As a Dolphin fan, I feel the same way.

    Although, in when Buffalo went on their run in the late 80s and early 90s, Jim Kelly was really, really hard to root against. He’s easily my favorite QB from a division rival. Liked him them, like him now.

  10. #12 on your programs
    #1 in our hearts

    How can you not love a coverted linebacker in HOF as QB!!Jimbo is Da Man!
    Let’s Go Buffalo!

  11. Remind me just how many Super Bowl rings does Jim Kelly have? Four Superbowl appearances and no rings to show for his efforts. Sounds like sour grapes to me. I’m not Jet fan; but I love it when “has beens” offer their biased opinions.

    And would someone tell Kelly its okay to take off that hat and let his bald head see some sunlight!

    Go Big Blue!

  12. Bills fans are funny.
    The Buffalo Bills haven’t won a playoff game since Clinton was in office. The Buffalo Bills: Finding new ways to come up short since 1959.

  13. He’s getting tired of the Bills franchise being irrelevant since January 8, 2000 and has finally spoken up. Good for him, bout time. He better pray his prophetic visions are right though cuz the only way that 12 year streak ends is if the Jets have massive turmoil this season.

  14. One thing I never understood about Jim Kelly was why he had such lank greasy hair. You would think anybody earning an NFL quarterback’s salary could afford a decent shampoo and conditioner.

  15. Nothing like hearing from a has been who’s the biggest super bowl loser in history and one of the biggest choking athlete we’ve ever seen. He’s perfect for a dump like Buffalo.

    You can keep hating the Jets and expecting them to fail but the Tebow experiment is going to work because they are not having him play QB. He can’t throw so he’s not a threat. He’s a wildcat player only. All this garbage about the pressure, Sanchez is a QB in NY. Every time they throw a pick people are calling for their job. Just ask Eli Manning. So Tebow’s presence is not going to influence whether Sanchez succeeds or not.

    Keep hating chumps, you’ll be awfully silent once again come the fall, just like you were in 2009 and 2010 predicting failure. One off year in which most of you predicted 4-12 or 6-10 does not mean it’ll happen again. Its a blip on the screen that has only humbled Rex and will ultimately make them better and be the best thing that ever happened to the Jets.

  16. He was indeed a rival worthy of Marino…I mean that in a very sincere form of flattery…I’d rather him get a ring than Elway.

  17. henryd3rd says:
    Jun 29, 2012 9:42 PM
    Remind me just how many Super Bowl rings does Jim Kelly have? Four Superbowl appearances and no rings to show for his efforts. Sounds like sour grapes to me. I’m not Jet fan; but I love it when “has beens” offer their biased opinions.

    And would someone tell Kelly its okay to take off that hat and let his bald head see some sunlight!

    Go Big Blue!

     Lol the jets won a Super Bowl in 1968! Shut up lmao

  18. Why is Kelly’s opinion any less relevant just because his TEAM could not win the Super Bowl? It was a great comment and he’s speaking from the experience of a former player. Plus he’s just saying what every non-Jet/ non-Tebow fan is thinking anyways.

  19. Ask Eli wat? How does it feel to go to Lambeau and beat Farve and Rodgers in postseasons? How does it feel to take 2 Rings off Brady’s hand and drive away in 2 SB MVP vehicles? Or how about How does it feel to throw a 99 yard TD pass against “The best Corners in football” after being left off the players top 100 list last Yr?

  20. I love hearing all about “the Wildcat” offense. Even when it worked…briefly…for the 2008 Miami Dolphins, even they only used it a few times a game. It’s merely a gimmick play, it’ll never work as anything other than that.

  21. I find it funny all the Jet fans getting indignant, when Jim Kelly speaks as a fan, and has won more division titles(5) of his ten year career with the Bills. Compare that to the lowly,redheaded stepchild of NY and the division, with two AFC east division titles since 1970!! TWO!!!! Now thats pathetic!! Keep talking trash Jet fans!!! GO FINS!!!!!

  22. So now the biggest bridesmaid in all of sports is making predictions?? Have fun playing in Toronto in two years.

  23. I don’t understand why anyone would want Rex
    Ryan to lead their team. He seems like the class clown who will do anything for attention. This move by the jets underscores the direction they seem to be heading in now. It is a shame to see what they are doing to their team to try to get some headlines and sell a few tickets.
    No way this quarterback debacle works out for this team.

  24. Cousinrk and any other Bills/Buffalo haters: What the Bills did in the early 90’s (4 consecutive AFC championships) not only helped to pull an entire city and community together after a decade and a half of all sorts of turmoil; it also is an achievement that we probably will not see again…some fans (myself included) got spoiled and just assumed that every season would be as successful, not truly appreciating the historic achievements of that team and all the characters involved: Marv, Polian, Kelly, Hull, Thurman, Talley, Reed, Lofton, etc.. so to all the haters and naysayers, I, as a self-adopted Buffalonian, say….piss off….

  25. Jim Kelly is speaking for every everyone who isn’t a Jets fan. The only thing that comes as a close 2nd to watching my team win, is watching the Jets lose. If for any reason, it’s because Tanenbaum & Johnson have had it coming for a long time.

  26. Sanchez is and will always be a lazy bum. If tebow comes in and pushes him, its great for the jets. The Sanchez guy has been milking it for a few years. This isn ‘t make all your money and put in half effort. I am sure you will get rich but its un american. Kelly? ha ha. Wasn’t he like a 4 time superbowl loser. Sorry, your spite wont matter.

  27. Now can we bring up a cowboys superbowl???? Jesus Christ!talk about what they haven’t done every single day! We beat this HOF!! I still appreciate Jim Kelly as a player, that dude was a hell of a player! But we did whoop him and they haven’t done squat since so talk about that. He is right though… Maybe I’m drunk posting but who gives a flying f$@?!

  28. “Kelly said that if he were a quarterback he would have hated to be in Sanchez’s shoes right now, knowing that the first time he struggles, he’s going to hear booing from his home fans and calls for his backup.”

    No. This is New York, not Denver, and the backup is Tebow. I highly doubt this happens. No matter how bad Sanchez plays, I find it hard to believe this would happen.

  29. Little miffed Kelly that your post NFL career didn’t go quite as well as Boomer and Dan?

    The people who REALLY know you see right through you, you were a selfish player then who wouldn’t sign autographs on Wilson footballs, and you are a bitter ex-player now.

    PS – Jets will slap the Bills around in week #1 as usual, and you can make book on that Jimbo.

  30. This is a non-story. Of course Jim Kelly is rooting for turmoil. Whats next? an article stating how Tom Brady is rooting for Jets turmoil (per some unnamed brazilian model of course).

    Jim Kelly is basically just telling the truth, and Jets fan, there is no point getting upset about it. The fact that he’s talking about your team and not his, just means that your team is relevant and his (former) team is not.

  31. I actually see that happening.

    The hell, I’ll say it. If the Jets finish 8-8 or worse this year the Jets should fire Rex & Mike Tannenbaum!!!!

    Sanchez deserves no hot seat compared to Rex because Rex set him up for failure. Yes, Sanchez did not perform like the player that he was in 2010; but Rex needed to have continuity on his team in order to win games!!!

    Plus, look at the roster moves!!!! There is no pass rush, pass catching corps, and the running back position is dreadful!!!!

    That is all Rex Ryan’s fault!!! I will not be surprised if the Buffalo Bills take over as the second best team in the AFC East this season!!!

    Come on!!! A revamped defense complemented with a 2-running back attack with CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson can help the Bills!!! Plus, Ryan Fitzpatrick will turn over the ball less with those two!!!

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