Justin Blackmon hopes to avoid becoming future Symposium speaker

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Maybe they should have scheduled the NFL Rookie Symposium a month earlier.

Jaguars rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon said he was moved by hearing veterans such as Terrell Owens and Adam “Pacman” Jones talk about their off-field mistakes.

“It’s powerful any time you have a player share something that happened bad for him they could have avoided,” Blackmon told Alex Marvez and Vic Carucci on SiriusXM NFL Radio (via FoxSports.com).

Blackmon, the fifth overall pick in the draft, was arrested earlier this month in Oklahoma on charges of aggravated DUI. He registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.24, triple the state’s legal limit. It was his second alcohol-related offense in the past three years, and he’s now subject to a potential suspension under the league’s substance -abuse program.

“I’m certainly not downplaying the situation. It was a poor judgment choice on my part, but I’ve put it behind me,” Blackmon said. “The team is backing me. I’ve got support from them and the players. Now, I’m just looking toward the future.”

In the future, we hope he decides to get a ride. Rookies were given information about a transportation service, which they have to pay for, but would prevent such dangerous situations as Blackmon’s.

“Using your resources the NFL has for you — that’s the thing you hear throughout each day,” Blackmon said. “From a lot of players we heard from (in seminars), they tried to do it on their own and it didn’t end up so well. That’s the biggest thing I’ve gathered.”

It’s good that he’s apparently learning from his own mistakes, and the talk of others who have made more. Now all he has to do is prove it, lest he become a cautionary tale for future classes of rookies.

3 responses to “Justin Blackmon hopes to avoid becoming future Symposium speaker

  1. Speaking at the symposium isn’t a bad thing – many outstanding, professional players also spoke to the rookies, you’ve only been focusing on the controversial ones.

  2. The issue with Blackmon is not whether he should get a ride. That has been settled. ANYONE who is out imbibing should call for a ride. After blowing .24, the issue is how to help him stop drinking alcohol permanently.

  3. @fdugrad

    We’re talking about a 22 year old here, they drink until they’re wasted. I agree that he should get a ride but its ridiculous to suggest he should quit drinking forever. If he was a 45 year old functioning alcoholic blowing a .3 while carrying on like a normal person, then I’d agree that he needs to quit permanently.

    Ask any police officer and they’ll tell you about the functioning alcoholics.

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