Report: David Garrard looks like leader in Dolphins QB derby

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David Garrard got the first shot as Dolphins quarterback during minicamp and it seems that wasn’t just because Garrard comes before Moore and Tannehill in alphabetical order.

On SportsCenter Friday, via Rotoworld,  Adam Schefter reported that Garrard’s play this spring has put him ahead of Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill as the team heads toward training camp.

“The more you hear, the more it sounds like David Garrard has really taken this opportunity to emerge as the favorite to be the starting quarterback down in Miami,” said Schefter. “Very impressive, adept, good footwork. Matt Moore’s been good, Ryan Tannehill’s been good, but David Garrard has looked the most comfortable of any of the quarterbacks.”

That last bit is interesting because Garrard hasn’t had much experience playing in offenses like the one Joe Philbin has brought to Miami. Throw in the fact that he’s coming off a back injury as well and it is fairly impressive that he’s been able to make such a positive impression so quickly.

Having said that, there’s still a lot of time left for things to change on the Dolphins’ depth chart between now and the first week of the season. Garrard’s chances of winning the job look better now than they did when he first came on board, but he’ll still have to prove to the Dolphins that he offers them more of an upside than either of the other candidates.

16 responses to “Report: David Garrard looks like leader in Dolphins QB derby

  1. Garrard should do well in Miami…he five years of experience throwing to mediocre receivers.

  2. “David Garrard looks like leader in Dolphins QB derby”

    That’s not saying much

  3. Gerard got a raw deal from the Jaguars. He seems like a good guy and probably better than the dolphins deserve. Hope he does well.

  4. Not that surprising.. He has the most NFL starts out of the 3 QBs that Miami has. Why throw the Rookie in let him learn.. Give him some time. Moore is a good option if Garrard fails.

  5. Just a couple of years ago Garrard was the man in Jaguar land. I think he could find himself again with a new coach, new team and new system. I think he could be the diamond in the rough for Miami.

    Its just the lack of quality players around him that is going to kill him and the phins, I am afraid.

  6. I gotta be honest I never understood why he was run out of town in Jax? I didn’t watch to many jags games so I don’t have a lot to go by but he seemed to be a solid qb with no real talent around him but MJD. He never came across as a dud by any means, but again didn’t watch many jags games that closely.

  7. I think Garrard could be the 2012 version of Pennington, let’s just hope Tannehill ain’t the 2012 version of Henne :/

  8. The last time Miami made the payoffs was in 2008. The starting WRs were Bess and Ginn, wih Pennington at QB. Garrard’s skill sets are similar to Penntington and his skills also fits the WC offense more so then Moore does. So it is not surprising that he is leading the pack. But back to the WRs, I would rather have Bess and Ocho or Hartline starting over Bess and Ginn, just to put things in perspective. Everyone views the WRs as the weak link to this offense and they are so wrong. The concern is the right side of the OL. They get that fixed and This team will surprise a lot of people.

  9. How can anyone expect a QB who is not a pure passer to come in and be efficient at running the West Coast Offense. Also after having a Starting Job just a year ago, but losing it in the Pre Season to Luke McCown. What does Schefter know? It is June and they only had Mini Camp in shorts and helmets. The Real David Gerrard and Matt Moore will show up in Training Camp and Pre Season. They won’t be able to hide behind the shorts and helmets. These two guys are who they are. If Joe Philbin is looking for more, then he is wasting his time.

  10. The most important thing Garrard can offer is not turning the ball over…and with this offense and more specifically their speed, that could be a tremendous asset….with that said, I expect Matt Moore to come back and win the job once training camp and the preseason begin

  11. Garrard didn’t lose his starting job to McClown, he got banged up and was railroaded by the worst GM and Owner in the league in an effort to avoid paying a 9 million dollar roster bonus (and accelerate the Gabbert era). Garrard was a good QB and great Jaguar who was truly never embraced or appreciated by the city of Jacksonville (if you know Jacksonville, then you know why). Congrats Miami, because you guys lucked up and got a really good one this time!

  12. I have an unbiased hunch that the Dolphins will be a surprise hot team this year regardless of who their starting QB is, and that Joe Philbin will become a well respected & very successful head coach.

  13. I think Matt Moore is better than he’s getting credit for…He has the tools and I believe proved himself last year. Don’t count him out.

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