Report: Jim Schwartz gets contract extension

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It looks like Rex Ryan was right about Jim Schwartz.

The Jets coach said that he thought he and his Lions counterpart would have their jobs for years to come and the Lions appear to agree with half that statement. Tim Twentyman of the team’s website is reporting that the team and Schwartz have agreed to terms on a multi-year contract extension. Considering the source of the infomation, it shouldn’t be long before a more official comment comes our way.

Or not. Schwartz and the Lions have refused to discuss the coach’s contract status all offseason even though Schwartz was moving into the final year of his deal. The extension isn’t much of a surprise since Schwartz took over a winless team and turned it into last year’s playoff squad. It’s been a bit rough off the field this offseason, but it still remains easy to see why the Lions are staying in the Schwartz business.

We don’t know how long they’ll be staying in that business, as Twentyman’s report doesn’t have any nitty gritty from the contract. If he can keep moving the team up the ladder, it should be for a good long time.

18 responses to “Report: Jim Schwartz gets contract extension

  1. The title of the article would’ve been funnier if it read “Jim Contract gets Schwartz extension”

  2. He’s done well to play to the strengths of the team. He lets Linehan be creative on offense. Sure, he would have loved to run more, but the talent was in the passing game, so the Lions aired it out a near record number of times last season. And it worked, the team won.

    The scouting dept has done well – see the 2009 draft class – and the other pickups, while not flashy, have played strong roles – C.Williams, KVB, Burleson, Scheffler, LoJak, Durant, Tulloch. Sure, Mayhew played a part in that, but it was Schwartz who demanded that a clearly defined role be filled with each acquisition.

  3. Nice, that means we’ll see Schwartz-Harbaugh round 2 sometime in the next couple of years.

  4. Very much deserved. The Lions team of last year was brought to the playoffs because of Coach Schwartz and his decision making. He is an excellent Coach.

  5. Isn’t this the same guy who screamed “discipline” over the past few weeks but was caught arm wrestling Jim Harbaugh at midfield last season??

    This is analogous to the fox watching the hen house. Tom Lewand, Martin Mayhew, and Schwartz are all accountable for the Lions impetuous and reckless behavior. The players refuse to police themselves, and management apparently doesn’t want to impose the necessary correctional measures.

    All in all, a bad idea. Until the lawlessness is removed from the culture of the Lions’ clubhouse, they are destined to implode.

  6. Listen. Jim Schwartz has nothing to do with offseason mistakes by his players. Most teams go through this. The timing of everything just makes it seem worse than it is. Fact is, Jim took over an 0-16 franchise and has turned them into a threat.
    Did he overreact to harbaughs classless display after the 49ers game? Yes he did. But Jim is an nfl coach and what harbaugh did doesn’t fly in this league. Classless and arrogant. That stuff may fly at stanford, but this is yhe big show. Jim has been in thr league much much longer than harbaugh. I wouldn’t want any other coach at this point in time. He has been a godsend. Keep up the good work Jim!!! Congrats on the new contract.

  7. Knew that Lions were going to give Jim Schwartz contract extension. I believe Lions are on the rise and I believe there going to be a Super contender in about year. Stafford to Megatron all season with a balanced a attack Lions will be more of a threat RB will stay healthy. Go Lions.

  8. fijabbersman345 says:Jun 29, 2012 6:16 PM

    Nice, that means we’ll see Schwartz-Harbaugh round 2 sometime in the next couple of years.


    Try this year, week 2! Go Lions!

  9. oilman989 says:Jun 29, 2012 7:34 PM

    Isn’t this the same guy who screamed “discipline” over the past few weeks but was caught arm wrestling Jim Harbaugh at midfield last season??


    He’s also the guy who turned a 0-16 team into a playoff team. In 3 years!!

  10. Wonder how much they gave him? It might have doubled if they would have had 12 dui’s instead of 6. Or maybe a few more drug arrests would have helped.

  11. All things considered, it’s non-sensical to criticize the story. Given the upward arc of this team under Schwartz, an extension was as obvious as the various anti-Lion jokes that have proceeded and are sure to follow. If any of you have a legitimate case for not extending the contract and a plausible/credible alternative head coaching candidate, the rational portion of this audience would love to hear it.

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