Report: Roger Goodell sends out Los Angeles memo


Robert Kraft’s talking up London, but Roger Goodell’s sending out word he thinks Los Angeles might be closer to hosting an NFL team.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times obtained a memo sent to all 32 teams outlining requirements for a move.

“Although substantial uncertainties remain,” Goodell wrote in the two-page memo, “stadium development in Los Angeles has advanced to the point where the prospects for a new facility are better than they have been in many years.”

The memo serves as a set of ground rules for teams considering such a move (and the plugged-in Farmer mentioned the Chargers, Raiders and Rams specifically), with the league pointing out that it controlled the process, not individual teams.

The memo also mentions the 2013 season, a clear indication that they’re thinking sooner rather than later. If a team wanted to apply to relocate, they’d have to file paperwork between Jan. 1, 2013 and Feb. 15, 2013, although the memo said no vote was likely to be taken before March 2013.

“The overall goal, as we have frequently said, is to ensure that any league re-entry to the Los Angeles market is as successful as possible, both for the club or clubs that will play there and for the league as a whole,” the memo read.

At a time when the Rams are doing everything evident to get out of a lease (or cut a sweetheart deal with St. Louis), it’s a clear sign that the league doesn’t mind reminding everyone who’s in charge.

14 responses to “Report: Roger Goodell sends out Los Angeles memo

  1. Didn’t the NFL learn it’s lesson when they tried to stop Al Davis from moving HIS TEAM to L.A. I know Mark is not Al so he probably won’t give the Commissioner any grief. However, if I owned an NFL team I would go where I please. Bring it on Goddell.

  2. Bringing football to London is a ridiculous thought. The English don’t give a rats ass about football. Sure they can sell out one game a year, but if an NFL franchise were ever brought there, it would fade away faster than Jeremy Lin.

  3. funny, i thought the owners hired goodell, and they can also fire him. so who is in charge, and whose ego is getting out of control?

  4. Al Davis spent a lot of money to win in court that he had the right to move his team where he wanted to. I guess the NFL never learns.
    That said, only old goats like me remember the “Los Angeles Rams”. It would be nostalgic to have that again, sorry St. Louis fans. Your team should be the Cardinals anyway. You might end up with no professional football in St. Louis.(cue snide remarks about there not being one there now anyway).

  5. This is the first post I’ve read about moving a football team to LA that didn’t mention the Bills.

    I guess somebody missed the memo.

  6. To much travel time and jet lag. This is an american game, i don’t see it going over well in London. It needs to stay in the states, maybe Canada, their next door, but not London.

  7. That is just a dam impressive design of a stadium, but again, its been tried, L.A. fans are funny style. if they don’t but a winner on the field right away, will the fans in LA show up. they have’nt in the past, whats new.

  8. As a Vikings fan I fell bad for the Charger,Raider,Jaguar fans because of the threat of the unknown. Good luck hope your teams all stay put but my money is the Chargers moving there with Qualcomm falling apart.

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