Stevan Ridley knows starting job within his grasp

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The Patriots are incredibly deep at wide receiver. At running back, not so much, at least not with proven commodities.

But second-year back Stevan Ridley said Thursday he wanted to make the job his own, at a fundraiser in his hometown of Natchez, Miss.

“Everything I could have asked for is right in front of me,” Ridley said, via Justin Whitmore of the Natchez Democrat. “It’s all about ‘What do you do right now.’ I’m smiling and happy, but at the same time, it’s a business, and you have to realize if you don’t do your job somebody’s coming to replace you.

“I’m going into this year focused with an edge I’ve never had. It’s put up or shut up at this point, and I’m ready to play and try to put this city on the map and do well for Natchez, Mississippi.”

Ridley should get the opportunity to make his dream a reality. Even though draft classmate Shane Vereen lined up first in offseason workouts, Ridley did more with his opportunities last year.

Beyond those two, the Patriots have an odd lot at the position. Danny Woodhead’s good in his particular role, and veteran pickup Joseph Addai may or may not have much left.

Maybe that’s why the Patriots have stayed in contact with Sammy Morris, and Kevin Faulk is still “praying” he gets a chance to come back.