C.J. Spiller thinks the Bills are a Super Bowl contender

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The Bills lost nine of their last 11 games last season, but that doesn’t mean they lack confidence going into this one.

A simple playoff berth (their first since 1999) would be enough for many Bills fans, but during an appearance with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL Radio, running back C.J. Spiller was aiming much higher.

“We split with New England [last year],” Spiller said. “We had the Giants on the ropes. We are close to being a Super Bowl team.”

The lack of recent success hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm in the locker room, and Spiller told Schein and Gannon that the positive mindset is pervasive.

“Every year we expect to win and make the playoffs and make a run, but we don’t just want to make the playoffs, we’re trying to get to the Super Bowl,” he said. “Why get to the playoffs if you’re not trying to win the Super Bowl? That’s the ultimate and that’s what we talk about is being champions. If you’re not trying to be a champion as we say, ‘You’re in the wrong business.’”

The Bills added serious firepower to their defense this offseason with the signing of defensive end Mario Williams. That’s an acquisition not many expected they could pull off, so there may be a reason to expect the unexpected from them this season as well.

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  1. He SHOULD think they are Super Bowl contenders. Why else would they compete? The problem for the Bills is they are NOT going to make it to a Super Bowl with that much money invested in a 2nd tier quarterback. Also, they’re just not THAT good yet.

  2. If you’re not trying to be a champion as we say, ‘You’re in the wrong business.’”

    Well said, I hope the players on my favorite team feel the same way.

  3. Of course, Spiller has been so outstanding so far in his career, so he really should know.

  4. While I really like their entire team. I think the only position they need a few more guys at is wr. Stevie runs routes like no other but behind that i’m skeptical. Luckily they have Chan Gailey, he’s pretty good with offenses.

  5. Spiler should be optimistic! That’s why you play!

    But give the Bills another year of free agency & another good draft then I would say watch out!

    Andre Reed HOF!

  6. This is completely different from saying the Bills will make it to the Super Bowl or playoffs.

    He made no guarantees. I’d hope a player would consider themselves part of a team capable of winning!!

  7. Everyone is a Superbowl contender right now. Wait til the season starts and reality sets in C.J.

  8. I recently re-watched the Bills/Pats game in Bflo from last year. The Bills were down to NE 21-0 and came back to win. What was remarkable to me was, I had forgotten how good a healthy Donald Jones was. he was injured twice seriously last year, and had no training camp. He may be the guy the Bills need. That, and a healthy Easley could suddenly bloster the wr’s into a huge force. This doesn’t even take into account T.J. Graham as Roscoe 2.0 and Dickerson as an H back who looks great so far. there’s also 2 very good rb’s who can catch passes out of the backfield. A better O line(they gave up the least sacks, and a healthy Fitz) and you have a serious offense getting more chances with a vastly improved D.

  9. the hard core mags that grade out each position say buffalo is loaded and ready to make a run. the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball is excellent. they have one of the best two back tandems. a very good, young and talented secondary and two solid lb,s in shepperd and barnett. of course the most important question is qb and that makes me very nervous. anyway, it should be interesting.

  10. The bills haven’t even made the playoffs in 13 years. Sure….Superbowl bound. No one is going to take the Jills seriously until they can actually finish a season.

  11. I agree the Bills have made major upgrades, but I, like many, am not sold on Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm to get this team to the Superbowl. He can command a decent game and then throw an inexplicable pick into double coverage that kills his team. That kind of thing cripples you in the playoffs. I also doubt Fitzpatrick has the arm strength to be a top-tier quarterback in the NFL.

    If the Bills can become a run-dominant team, rely in their defense, and have Fitzpatrick just manage a game throwing 15-20 times, they might be dangerous.

  12. “The bills haven’t even made the playoffs in 13 years. Sure….Superbowl bound. No one is going to take the Jills seriously until they can actually finish a season.”

     The AZ Cardinals from a few years back say “hi”

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