Hard Knocks director talks up Philbin

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He’s no Rex Ryan, but maybe he doesn’t have to be.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, the leader of the team that will serve as the subject of this season’s Hard Knocks, already has caught the attention of the man who’ll direct the upcoming training-camp series.

“When you’re around him, you’re kind of like, OK, this is a guy who can turn this thing around,” NFL Films director Rob Gehring told The Finsiders, a product of Dolphins.com.  “He’s a leader.  I almost equate him to a field general.  After having just been around him for less than a month, I’m like, I’ll run through a wall for that guy.”

Gehring previously directed Hard Knocks in 2007 and 2008.  He didn’t handle the 2010 version of the show, which featured Ryan’s Jets.

After spending some time at offseason workouts, Gehring also has his eye on one specific group of players.  “Every time the DB’s are on the field, you know where Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are,” Gehring said.  “You can hear them both, you know where they are.  I think there’s definitely kind of an Ochocinco factor into play now, where those guys are jawing with him.”

Gerhing will need plenty of jawing from someone in order to make the show remotely as compelling as it was when Ryan’s antics served as the centerpiece.  Though Gehring may want to run through a wall for Philbin, Gehring could use someone whose language could peel the paint off it.

5 responses to “Hard Knocks director talks up Philbin

  1. I could care less about the dolphins but I can’t wait for hard knocks. I like Ocho to so thats just icing on the cake

  2. I realize the Dolphins are not the Rex Ryan led JETS (Thank Goodness) But… I don’t think they need to be at all to make the show interesting. THe show is legit just because it is behind the scenes of an NFL team. Ravens werecertainly nbo Rex Ryan JETS but that show was gret…they all were! It is a great show for all NFL fans!

  3. I like this guy, he has the whole Belichick calmness about him. I’m rooting for him regardless, after what happened this his boy, right before what should have been one of the happier moments of his life. I’m actually excited for the season, I think we are going to surprise some people.

  4. This Dolphins team turns some heads this year…I believe we take advantage of a weaker schedule this year

  5. After everything Philbin has been through, I am definitely rooting for him, and wish him nothing but success. I have two young boys, and just the thought of losing either one of them breaks my heart. I can’t imagine what Coach Philbin went through.

    I just hope the Dolphins are patient and let Philbin and Tannenhill come along at the right pace.

    Many people (Sometimes even me) wanted to run my coach and QB out of town for a long time, and Coughlin and Eli ended up becoming elite in NY.

    Every other owner needs to look at that, and give bright guys like Philbin time.

    The Dolphins should make some noise this year. Everyone just needs to have patience.

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