Report: Aldon Smith got minor stab wounds breaking up a fight

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In the hours since the 49ers confirmed that their promising but troubled young linebacker Aldon Smith suffered minor injuries in an unspecified “incident,” a few more details have become public, with multiple reports saying he suffered minor stab wounds. reports that Smith was trying to break up a fight at around 2 a.m. when he was stabbed in the shoulder and abdomen with what is believed to be a small pocketknife. Officers responded to a 911 call at a large party at 2:14 a.m., and three people were taken to the hospital: Smith and two people who sustained gunshot wounds. None of the injuries were life threatening.

Breaking up a fight is better than starting a fight, but the 49ers will surely sit Smith down and tell him they’d prefer that he be home in bed at 2 in the morning, not at parties where gun and knife fights are breaking out. Smith, who was arrested in January for drunk driving, has reached the point where he’s not going to be given the benefit of the doubt.

The seventh overall pick in last year’s NFL draft, Smith is an extremely talented player who had 14 sacks as a rookie.

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  1. I get it. Stay outta trouble if you are an NFL player. But now would be a great time for goddell to change the current image-give the guy a medal instead of a suspension. If all the facts lead one to believe that smith sacrificed limb in a fight that was ensuing, he is a hero, not a villain. Now is the time to show that you, with your CBA power, are not all about laying down the gauntlet on NFL players. Eff it. Goddell will do what he does. PR and public perception get thrown to the wayside.

  2. You ever see Higher Learning and Fudge’s speech to Omar Epps character? This writer saying players are not allowed to go to parties in free time, reminds me of that scene. Michael David Smith considers you a slave once you sign an NFL contract I guess.

  3. By the end of the week, we’ll learn he wasn’t breaking up a fight at all, I’m sure.

  4. It would be easy for me to throw up a comment railing him, but I have a hard time guessing what I would be doing at that age with that money.
    It might have been worse. Hell, it WAS worse without the money.
    Hope he gets it together before he pisses it away…

  5. “49ers confirmed that their promising but troubled young linebacker Aldon Smith” .. He’s labeled “troubled” already ? hahaha.. the media is hilarious! ” that he be home in bed at 2 in the morning, not at parties where gun and knife fights are breaking out. “. No 21/22 year old whose a STAR athlete on his team, with over a million $$$ in the bank will be in bed at home at 2am. Sorry I dont know what world you live in !

  6. “Breaking up a fight”—-sounds like classic damage control. Word is his “hometown boys” were getting out of control, for all we know it was his buddies or his entourage busting out the guns and shooting somebody. There is a lot more to this story yet to come out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a civil suit against smith. You are only as classy as the company you keep. Better cut some ties aldon.

  7. I was going to copy one of the messages from above and respond to it, but then I realized after reading most of the comments on this story that this response applies to most of them:

    With great power comes great responsibility.

    That means I don’t care what your sorry butt was doing at 2am when you were 21. You didn’t have the responsibilities of an NFL player.

    That means NFL players are not slaves, rather they have a responsibility to the teams with whom they sign a contract to not get hurt (read: stabbed) in the off season.

    If Aldon Smith wants to use his fame and fortune to attend large parties where guns and knives are present, he also needs to accept the fact that his fame and fortune might be short lived.

    That’s the responsibility of an NFL player.

  8. I’m sure it was just a reinactment of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” (knife fight) song. It’s just the actors forgot to use the rubber blade knife…

    Seriously Aldon, as a huge MU fan how do you get in a knife fight. In 1983 I’d get it, but 2012 c’mon bro…

  9. The only way I can say it is, once you reach a certain level in life you need to put away the “old neighborhood.” Your “street cred” should be less important than your living. This isn’t a Sean Taylor incident during a break-in at his house, it’s a guy who wilfully chose to go to a party with people of obviously ill repute. There’s a reason for the saying “you can’t go home again.”

  10. If a franchise is paying you millions to be in peak shape and be ready for the season, you shouldn’t be partying at 2 in the morning. That doesn’t make you a slave. That makes you responsible and mature. Now, at 22 or whatever he is, he’s probably not the picture of maturity, but he had better get there pretty soon.

  11. @samel2003 What in the bloody hell are you talking about?

    @dalyman3… Learning facts first or not. Immediate facts available were that it was a large party at HIS home. Two people were shot and one was stabbed. While he may have been trying to calm the situation down, he still put himself in the situation to begin.

    Now with that said, I like the kid and really hope he starts to reanalyze things a bit. He has worlds of talent and is only getting started. He is already a critical part to the defense and they need him to be on the field. It is foolish though to expect a rising young superstar to stay home every night and play Xbox as some say he should. He simply needs to make better decisions about the company he keeps, and how he makes it home if he drinks. The old friends from the hood will always be trouble to these players, and the quicker Aldon learns that the better off he will be. Braylon Edwards and Pacman Jones are prime examples of hanging onto past friendships that were nothing but trouble

  12. I’ll never understand how someone who has worked so hard to get out of the bad circumstances they grew up in, will succeed… but continue to put themselves in the same circumstances.

    It’s time to grow a sack Aldon, and cut off the people in your life who are friends with those that shoot and stab people.

  13. Obviously he has not learned a thing from his DUI. The niners need to cut him. What kind of a team is this Harbaugh guy running?? Maybe it’s time he goes too? I also want a public apology! And when he gives that I will critique the crap out of it and it more than likely will still not be good enough.

  14. Come on now noeffinway, he certainly learned to drink at home, and not get a DUI. Now he just needs to learn to do it with people who don’t bring guns and pocket knives into his home.

  15. There’s no institutional control!!! Fire Harbaugh! Cut Smith! How will they practice with everyone getting arrested and stabbed!!!! (Signed, A Lions Fan)

  16. Sounds like a party full of Obama constituents. Why is it that it’s always the democrats that advocate for gun control… yet it’s always the democrats that can’t control their guns???

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