Tom Coughlin throws out first pitch at Yankees game


He may not be scheduled to participate in the Buffalo Bisons’ home-run derby, but Giants coach Tom Coughlin nevertheless has had some offseason involvement in baseball.

Coughlin threw out the first pitch for Saturday’s game between the White Sox and the Yankees.

The Yankees P.R. department posted a picture of Coughlin warming up before the game, getting tips from Reggie Jackson.  Reaction to his performance on Twitter has been positive.

Reviews include “good toss” to “not a bad arm” to “the old man didn’t bounce it.”

The real question is whether he walked out to the mound at least five minutes early.

6 responses to “Tom Coughlin throws out first pitch at Yankees game

  1. thegronk87 says:
    Jun 30, 2012 5:07 PM
    Dear Bernard Pollard,

    Thank You.


    Tom Coughlin


    Dear thegronk87,

    Enough with this excuse already. Gronk was healthy in Week 9, and the Giants STILL won that game. (In Foxborough, without Hakeem Nicks) Your team lost, twice, now stop whining.


    Tired Giants fans

  2. Gronk. If the giants should send a thank you letter to pollard. Here is new englands thank you list

    Dear leauge. Thank you for putting us in a division with the circus jets, irrelevant since 94 bills and Dan Marino-less dolphins. Thank you for giving us the easiest schedule in the leauge.

    Dear refs for always giving us penalties when we need us. Like in vs Oakland in 2001.

    And last but not least, thank you ravens offense for being so bad that even when Brady doesn’t throw a single touchdown pass the pats can still win. Thank you lee Evans for first sucking in buffalo for all those years and for dropping an easier catch then welker dropped in the superbowl and thank you ravens for missing a chip shot easier then any of vanitaris kicks in NEs superbowls.

    We know we would be nothing without all of you and wouldn’t have seen the superbowl(injured gronk or not) let alone be a dynasty.


    Tom Brady, darth hoodie, Robert Kraft and the entire new England patriots organization.

  3. um ok giantsfan2104,

    what happened in the regular season had no bearing on the the super bowl. bottom line is giants would have lost if gronk were healthy in the super bowl as they almost lost to the pats with him playing but barely being able to walk. gronk racked up 100+ yards on the giants in the regular season and would have done it again, this time with hernandez chipping in more than he did in the regular season game.

    no one takes the giants seriously because the SB 42 and 46 teams are the worst teams in NFL history to win.

  4. Then whats that say about the pats who couldn’t beat those crappy teams? Guess those two teams that had w combined record of 30-2 are even more of a disgrace then the giants.

    P.S. gronk was being covered by chase blackburn. A player who never was more then a special teams player on the giants 5 years ago. Broken let or not he was facing a player signed 2 weeks before the superbowl due to injurys. Injurya happen. In fact the giants were one of the moat injured teams in the NFL last year.

    So getoutta here u loser. Ny owns Brady and bb. In 07, in 11 and all times.

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