Trent Richardson aims high


Jim Brown and Trent Richardson don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the rookie’s abilities.  If Richardson has his way, however, their eyes and the rest of their heads and necks will be able to hash it out in bronze, forever.

Richardson laid out the plans for his career on Friday, at a Play 60 event held in conjunction with the Rookie Symposium.

I want to be in the Hall of Fame, and I want to be one of the most talked-about running backs in the NFL,” Richardson said Friday, according to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal.  “I want my name to always be remembered in a good way, not in a dumb way or in a crazy way.  For me, I’m always gonna work hard and make sure that my standards are set high.”

Though Richardson grew up in a rough part of Pensacola, his mother and his coaches kept him out of trouble.  And it sounds like he won’t be dragging any trouble with him to Cleveland.

“I have kept my circle small,” Richardson said.  “I have friends back home, but they know their spot.  They know their place, and when I get with them, I get with them and I talk to them.  But they know when I’m working it is straight business.  I’m not going to let anyone interfere with my business.”

He plans to do that by staying humble.

“I’m gonna always be that guy that didn’t have that much, and I’m gonna always work hard,” Richardson said.  “I’ll make sure I remember where I came from.”

If it works, Browns fans will never forget him.

7 responses to “Trent Richardson aims high

  1. How can u not like this kid…. The press needs to quit with this Jim brown stuff…. Hope u achieve all of your goals Trent…

  2. I like and respect Richardson’s desire for greatness. I just find it ironic that we chastise LT for wanting to be in the Hall of Fame, but give Tomlinson a pass for saying the thing. Richardson never once mentioned a goal that was team oriented. Or at least not one that was quoted in this article. I personally don’t find anything wrong with Richardson’s comments. Nor LTs for that matter. I just find it ironic that their is a double standard.

  3. I think Trent’s comment were about him leading a straight life. I’m sure his goals are in the best interest of e browns. Thank God the browns did not draft Justin Blackmon…

  4. I like this guy. Too bad he’s going to waste his best years in Loser Town.

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