Mike Sherman thinks Favre-Packers reunion will happen in time


Maybe Brett Favre’s trying to ease back into the fold in Green Bay, but his old coach said the main thing to fix the painful divorce will be time.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, who was Favre’s head coach for six seasons with the Packers, said the reunion is inevitable.

“I think time will pass and everything will be made right,” Sherman told Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe. “Green Bay has meant too much to him as a player and as a person and he’s been too much for them.”

It hasn’t seemed that way in recent years, as he’s only recently seemed to thaw in regards to his successor, Aaron Rodgers.

“I know there’s some hard feelings, maybe on both sides, but at the same time I think with time that all dissipates and he’ll be welcomed back with open arms,” Sherman said. “The dust just has to settle a little bit and the pain of his exit has to heal a little bit and I think he’ll be what he was. He was an icon.

“I know he loved his time in Green Bay and has phenomenal memories. I know that he cherishes every single Sunday that he went out that tunnel to the cheers of those fans. I think eventually that will heal up and be put in the past.”

The time lapse might have been shorter if Favre had been a little more graceful and gracious on his way out the door, but fans have short memories when it comes to their heroes, so there’s little reason to believe Sherman hasn’t diagnosed this one appropriately.

8 responses to “Mike Sherman thinks Favre-Packers reunion will happen in time

  1. Farve should NOT allow green bay to get away with turning there backs on him, Brett Farve is going to the HOF in 4 years with or with OUT the packers blessing, so I say give green bay a BLACK EYE an go to the HOF with the Minnesota Vikings… The fans in Minnesota would love it an I would too.

  2. stick to your own team dud jest cause the bears have nothing going for them dont mean u could comment on packer related news number 4 is a packer for life and thats that what ever he did is long forgotten even if he acted like a baby on his way out!

  3. It is kinda sad how packer fans turn their back on Brett. As a Viking fan I remember that Alan Page retired as a Chicago Bear but I held no grudge against him. Packer fans are the most insecure and pissiest fans in the league…

  4. While Alan Page was a great player, his departure from Minnesota was not of the same caliber. Alan Page is all class, unfortunately Favre is not.

  5. Packer fans haven’t turned their backs on Favre, anyone who makes a statement like that doesn’t know or understand sports in Green Bay, WI. Favre has yet to open his arms again to Green Bay, we’re waiting patiently for his chip on his shoulder to subside. When Brett wants to come back we’ll welcome him with open arms, and if he doesn’t, well that’s okay too.

  6. Who cares what Mike Sherman thinks. He also thought Ahmad Carrol was worth a first round pick and BJ Sander was worth trading picks to waste a 3rd rounder on.

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