Other franchise players not thrilled with Brees’ complaints

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If the Saints aren’t treating franchise-tagged quarterback Drew Brees with good faith, then other franchise players could argue that their respective teams have opted to defecate on their respective foreheads.

Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange has gathered quotes from unnamed franchise players and/or their unnamed agents regarding their reaction to Brees’ contention that the Saints’ failure to sign him to a long-term deal traces to his role in last year’s CBA talks.

Said one franchise player:  “Nothing against Drew, but he’s kind of become [the union’s] fair-haired boy.”  The agent for another franchise player said the NFLPA has been treating Brees “like some kind of a Messiah or something.”

As we pointed out recently, the Saints have offered on multiple occasions long-term deals that would make Brees the highest-paid player in the history of the game.  Meanwhile, franchise players like Ravens running back Ray Rice and Bears running back Matt Forte have gotten nowhere, with their teams possibly intent on requiring them to play the 2012 season under the franchise tag.

Other franchise players waiting for long-term deals that may or may not come before the July 16 deadline are Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe, Lions defensive end Cliff Avril, Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee, and Broncos kicker Matt Prater.

Lost in Brees’ beef with the Saints is that the Saints, like any other team, have the right to squat on the player’s rights under the franchise tag and not sign him to a long-term deal.  Although, technically, it would be a violation of the labor deal if the Saints specifically refuse to sign Brees to a long-term deal because of his union activities, the NFLPA would need pretty strong proof of malicious intent, when the Saints are otherwise acting fully and completely within their rights.

The good news for Brees is that at least one person — Pasquarelli — is buying the story that Brees had nothing to do with the NFLPA’s effort to claim that the Saints are trying to stick it to their star quarterback.  Pasquarelli may be the only one who falls within that specific category.

38 responses to “Other franchise players not thrilled with Brees’ complaints

  1. they offered to make him the highest paid player in the league? how are they trying not to sign him? this may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  2. You’d think when you throw more passing yards in one season than anyone has ever thrown, you’d be a highly desireable commodity.

  3. the guy is intentionally not signing a very high paying deal so he can whine more and claim a vast conspiracy….

    how screwed up is that?

  4. Brees is being selfish. They offered to make him the higher paid player in history? What’s the problem then Drew! Maybe he needs an explanation of what the contract says.

  5. Drew Brees is quickly turning into one of my least favorite NFL players. I really admired this athlete a lot until he started opening his mouth on a regular basis.

  6. I nominate Drew Brees for the Lebron James Trophy which each year honors the player most rapidly alienating the fan base. I used to like this guy although I wasn’t a big Saints fan. Now I just wish he’d shut up… I’d rather listen to Donavan McNabb at this point.

  7. If they offered to make highest paid player ever and they were trying to subvert him because of his union activities what does the Saints not subverting him look like?

  8. I used to like this guy but now I realize he is a big whiner. Next year he’ll be looking for flags like Brady

  9. I usually side with the players on this stuff, but breese is a real nut scratcher.

  10. At some point other media outlets have to start hammering brees also, two straight offseasons of a look at me selfish attitude

  11. And latenightroach just beat me to the punch. I hate when a player I have respected for years because he plays the game the right way, doesn’t whine that he isn’t talked about as one of the best but consistently performs like he is all of a sudden gets a big head and starts to try to throw some weight around. Nobody is bigger than the game, just ask Brett Favre that.

  12. Why isn’t Brees signing the Saints offer for him to be the highest paid player? Answer is real simple. Once he signs, nobody will talk to him again outside of NO. Most dangerous place in the world right now is between Drew and a TV camera. You just might get trampled.

  13. The knows what they ate offering him.
    We don’t. We only assume to know something.

    The Man has every right to negotiate as he pleases.

    And the Saints and their PR leeches have no problem distorting the truth to win over public opinion.

    But that hasn’t been to easy for them do far …

    Pay the man, shut it and move on.

  14. Don’t you understand what’s happening here? Brees is technically a non-NFL employee. Sean Payton cannot have any contact with a NFL employee. Brees has a contract in place, but just not signed yet so he can have contact with Payton.

    My theory, is that he has a contract in place but not signed, works with Payton in the morning and then goes to their facility and relays Payton’s message in the afternoon. Brees isn’t going anywhere but NO…

  15. The New Orleans Saints have made a contract offer to Brees that would make him the highest paid player in NFL history. So exactly how is it the Saints are doing him wrong??? Actually, this situation is really very simple. Drew is being greedy and self centered while at the same time trying to make the NFL and the Saints management look like big evil corporations out to hurt him and otherwise rape and pillage the Universe.

  16. Look, if the media were in any of you Ham & Eggers’ faces, you’d all jump at the chance to say whatever drivel comes to mind. We here jn N.O. are only concerned with him getting the deal done. We leave this circus crap to you biter haters who have nothing going on in your own lives…

  17. I sure would like to see how he does with most of his games outdoors. IMO he isn’t in the same league as Brady or Eli is. Sure he had 1 or 2 good games outdoors but take the overall work and it isn’t that good.

  18. Drew needs counseling.

    He is not alone, there are many others.

    But he definately needs some outside help.

  19. Lol, Drew Brees is a cry baby, anyone who scoffs at making more than anyone else in the history of the league is an ass clown, end of story!

  20. Drew, you realize not only the NFL, but fans in general hate you?

    If you don’t like your pay and/or working conditions then do something else.

  21. Drew Brees is very educated the league has change so much so what’s happening is this tags are worse money and percentage so with Drew Brees he was tagged with the Chargers which was him 1st then the Saints tagged him 2nd see these tags is money so much percentage each one is a percentage. The NFLPA is backing Brees I don’t know if Brees told them the Saints not talking about his contract but anyway I think each tag is 10% raise so two tags is 40% raise so this will put him at 20 some million a year. This if they count the first tag this means Brees will get paid this 20 plus millions a game this with both tags in 2012. But he must sign the the tag contract even if he sign he can set 2012 out and if the Saints tag him in 2013 this his 3rd tag Drew Brees can run up to 30 plus millions a season. I hope Drew Brees not looking at the money and go for this 3rd tag if the Saints going to keep him. Go back and read the last meeting when Brees went to New York to talk about the tags.

  22. I think everyone is missing the real reason. As long as Drew is not signed, he’s allowed to communicate with Sean Payton. Keep in mind that their main goal is to win the big one in the Superdome. Will Goodell show up? I’m sure the Saints fans would love to see him there.

  23. If I were Drew Brees I’d shut up, not sign the contract and just walk away if you don’t want to play for the Saints. Right now he really has no reason to not want to play, but clearly he’s saying everything and doing everything to show that he isn’t interested in returning to them anytime soon.

    It’s Drew Brees…anything is possible…who dat signing that franchise tender, it aint Drew Brees, dat who.

  24. As we pointed out recently, the Saints have offered on multiple occasions long-term deals that would make Brees the highest-paid player in the history of the game. 


    Stop bagging on the guy, “highest-paid player in the history of the game” is not the same as “most-super-duper-highest-paid player in the history of the universe”. You’ve got to have goals.

  25. Drew is just a small part of a very corrupt team.

    Those 99.6 percent renewals are going to be ticked when the house of cards falls this season.

  26. That accusation by the NFLPA against the Saints is yet another horrible decision by them. Maybe one of the worst yet, and that’s saying something.

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