Report: No talks yet between Texans, Schaub

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Drew Brees may not be the only veteran quarterback who completed a six-year contract with a new team without getting an extension.

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, traded by the Falcons to Houston in March 2007, only weeks before a dogfighting operating was discovered on Mike Vick’s property in rural Virginia, signed at the time a six-year contract.  Five are in the books, and the last one begins in 2012.

According to Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange, substantive discussions on a new deal have yet to begin.

Due to make $7 million this year, Schaub missed six regular-season games and the postseason after breaking a foot against the Buccaneers during the 10th game of the 2011 campaign.  He also missed five games in each of his first two seasons with the Texans, starting all 16 in 2009 and 2010.

Though the Texans reportedly have no concerns about the foot, they surely are having a hard time putting the right value on a quarterback who turned 31 six days ago and who operates at a level or two below the best in the league.  Coupled with the fact that the Texans enjoy a strong defense and a solid running game, the question becomes how much they want to budget on a quarterback — and whether Schaub’s assessment of his value fits within those parameters.

With T.J. Yates performing capably as a rookie in 2011, the Texans could decide to entrust the job to him after the coming season, especially since under the new CBA he can’t get a raise until completing his third year in the NFL.

The stakes actually are a bit higher for the Texans with Schaub than they were for the Saints with Brees, since the Texans’ most likely won’t be inclined (or even able) to use the franchise tag on Schaub, which would give him more than $15 million guaranteed on a one-year deal.  So if the Texans can’t sign Schaub, Schaub likely would hit the market.

And Schaub eventually could find that the market won’t pay him as much as the Texans will.

Much of this would be sorted out during tampering season, when agents gauge the market to determine what a player would get if he becomes available.  The Texans and Schaub can avoid all of this, if they work out a deal before the season ends.

Given Schaub’s injury history and the kick that often comes from being in a contract year, the smart move for the Texans could be to wait.  Yeah, it may get expensive.  But it will mean the Texans had one hell of a good year.

15 responses to “Report: No talks yet between Texans, Schaub

  1. The Texans should wait b/c Schaub, while a solid QB, can’t stay healthy nor has he been able to elevate his team.

    IMO the Texans need to find a new QB in the draft in ’13

  2. not surprised at all schaub has to play a full 16 games. yates did a hell of a job last year and hes cheaper salary wise

  3. Texans have mortgage the future and the future was last year. Even after $18 million in cap relief from departure of Mario Williams, Texans still have backs up against the salary cap wall. Why Winston, Ryans, Jones, Leinart and Vickers were released and top FAs not re signed. Any contract Texans could do, Schaub is likely to look elsewhere first.

  4. Schaub has always been a vastly underrated QB. Sure, there are health concerns with him, but he has produced, and who, exactly, has he had in the way of legitimate receiving targets since he’s been a Texan? Andre Johnson has had his own injury problems, leaving Schaub choose between Kevin Walter, Jacoby Jones, and Owen Daniels?!

    T.J. Yates is definitely not the answer. I personally watched both Schaub and Yates play while they were in college. Schaub is infinitely more talented, intelligent, and has a much better work ethic than Yates.

  5. This is the 2nd news bit I’ve seen that seems to only remember TJ Yates by his (impressive) last minute TD pass in the playoffs to beat Cincy.

    What these news bits over looks it that Yates ended the last 5 games of the season with 1 TD pass and 5 INT’s.

    He is not the future starter in Houston. In fact, with any effectiveness in the last game against Baltimore, they would have won.. He threw 0 TD’s and 3 INT’s in that game and they still almost won.

    If Schaub could just stay healthy he’s probably around the 10th-12th best QB in the league. Prior to the injury he was a lock for 200-250 yards and 2 TD’s every week in fantasy.

    I think they need to stay the course with him with Yates as the backup for about 2-3 more years and then decide whether or not Yates is ready or if they need to draft a QB.

  6. Houston will play a wait and see on Ben Taub Schaub to see what happens with his health this year, the playoffs, ect, ect..

    If not, I’ll bet Miami offers him a small fortune when they find out officially that old man Garrard and Matt Moore are no good, and that there’s a reason an Aggie has never been successful as an NFL QB.

    My $0.02

  7. In this QB hungry league, some team will pay Schaub big bucks $ if Texans don’t lock him up

  8. Two things Matt needs to do:

    1) Stay healthy and play the entire season. Injuries don’t equate to huge contracts.

    2) Get to and deep into the playoffs. If Yates winds up with a better playoffs record than Schaub, then it’s a no brainer after this season.

    You must not only be productive, but you must advance. Sitting still will not get it done.

  9. Schaub is a competent QB, but that offense runs through Foster/run game. They don’t need an elite guy at that position. They are in the position of strength with that negotiation IMO.

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