Seau tribute billboard appears in Oceanside

Getty Images

Since it’s newsworthy whenever a group of fans puts up a billboard urging for the starting quarterback to be benched or someone from the coaching staff or front office to be fired, the newest NFL-related oversized outdoor ad definitely deserves a mention.

According to the North County Times (via, someone has placed a billboard along Interstate 5 in Oceanside.  It says:  “In Memoriam Junior Seau, Rest in Peace.”

The message appears with a black-and-white image of Seau in his Chargers jersey with “1969-2012” printed below his picture.

Per the report, the Seau family doesn’t know who put the billboard put.

“We didn’t even know that it was up,” Seau’s cousin, Wayne Godinet, said.  “From what I saw when I passed it the first time, boom, it just came right at me.  It’s larger than life.”

It’s fitting, then.  Because Seau was, too.