Tramon Williams confident Packers’ “terrible defense” will improve

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The Packers ranked dead last in the league in total defense last year, a fact that was largely overshadowed by the fact that the team went 15-1. But it’s a fact that can’t be overlooked in Green Bay this year, and Packers cornerback Tramon Williams says things will be different in 2012.

Williams acknowledges that the Packers had a bad defense last season, but he also points out that the NFL’s use of total yards to rank defenses doesn’t tell the whole story: The Packers also ranked first in the league with 31 interceptions, so the secondary was making plays when it wasn’t giving up big plays.

“But at the end of the day, [did] we have a terrible defense? Yeah, we did, but we were productive out there,” Williams told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “We did what we’ve always done. We turned the ball over. We have some things to build off now. We have some more pieces to the puzzle and we’re excited about it, and just ready to get back out there now.”

Williams says he knew as soon as the Packers lost to the Giants in the playoffs that the Packers’ front office would bolster the defense in the offseason, and by selecting six defensive players in the first five rounds of the NFL draft, they did just that.

“I was convinced when we finished the season, the day that we lost I was convinced,” Williams said. “Obviously, we know that the guys upstairs were going to get us some help, and they did that. We’re excited about the guys we brought in. To sit here and watch them practice every day, they open up eyes with something every day.”

An influx of young talent should prevent the Packers’ defense from being terrible again.

12 responses to “Tramon Williams confident Packers’ “terrible defense” will improve

  1. The quality in the Packers personnel department is what makes the team a contender year after year.

  2. A team with the worst ranked defense last season that went 15-1. This season we have extremely high expectations, with what they have done to the defense during the offseason. Barring any “big” injuries, the Pack should go 14-2 at the worst. The biggest testt will be their first four games. If they come out of the gates at 4-0, you’ll be looking at a team going 16-0

  3. The younger new and improved Packer defense will be fun to watch this year,they will give the Packers offense more possessions and chances to score,its going to be a fun season for Packer fans everywhere.

  4. Sorry but every time I see a team saying they have shored up their only aspect missing it rings hollow………

  5. Because we all know a rookie is a sure thing in the league right? Especially those guys from USC hey? (I know they have put out some good players, but the innumerable busts illustrate my point). At about week 12 we can step back and decide how improved the defense is.

  6. They led the league in interceptions last season but the credit for that is to the Packers offense which scored so much forcing the opposing team to become one dimensional. Sorry Tramon, you WERE a bad defense with no excuses.

  7. nflfollower, while I agree that none of the Packers rookies have played in a single game yet, and are not sure things, the good news for the Packers is that they don’t have to be sure things. They just need to be better than the players they are replacing. When you consider that Clay Matthews was the only guy to get any kind od pressure on the QB last year, Perry and Worthy, with their speed, strength and youth should at least be able to chase the QB out the pocket every once in a while. That alone, should improve the Packers defense.

  8. The defense will improve. Dom Capers is too good to not improve the unit. It wasn’t that long ago they where a pretty good D. They brought in a lot of help along the D Line and if Perry can rush the passer they will be very good.

  9. If they come out of the gates at 4-0, you’ll be looking at a team going 16-0>>>>

    Guess they won’t be playing my Pats then.

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