Bills’ Eric Wood says it’s time for NFL to test players’ blood


As the NFL and the players’ union continue to haggle over the details of implementing a program of testing players’ blood — which is the only way to test for the illicit use of human growth hormone — one player says it’s time for the haggling to end and the blood testing to begin.

Bills center Eric Wood wrote on his verified Twitter account today that an NFL drug tester knocked on his door this morning to order him to provide a urine sample, and in Wood’s opinion if players are going to be tested, there’s no reason not to test their blood as well as their urine, to determine whether they’re using HGH.

“Just took my at home drug test for the league and they could have easily blood tested. If you’re going to test cover everything,” Wood wrote.

The league and the union agreed last year that players would get blood tests for HGH, but those tests still haven’t begun because the two sides haven’t been able to agree on all the details of that testing. Asked by a fan on Twitter whether he thinks the union is dragging its feet, Wood answered that it’s, “a combo of both but I would like to see it get done.”

If the union and the league are both sincere when they say they’d like to see it get done, then it should have already gotten done.

6 responses to “Bills’ Eric Wood says it’s time for NFL to test players’ blood

  1. I really think the fear is that a pretty high number of players will test positive. That is why the NFL isn’t really pushing the testing.

  2. Blood test isn’t enough. They should have a camera in every room of their homes and vehicles too. Additionally, a GPS tracking chip should be inserted into every potential NFL player, so “God”dell can keep up at all times.

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