For now, Tannehill a distant third in Dolphins’ QB competition

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The Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill with the idea that he’d be the long-term starting quarterback. But unlike the two quarterbacks drafted before him, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Tannehill doesn’t look ready to start right away.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Tannehill is not in the running for the starting job right now because he made too many mistakes at minicamp, and new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin has stressed the importance of his quarterbacks avoiding turnovers. At the moment, Tannehill looks like the No. 3 quarterback behind David Garrard and Matt Moore.

Moore is the incumbent starter in Miami, but there’s talk that Garrard is currently the favorite to win the starting job, even though he’s coming off back surgery and didn’t play at all last year. If Garrard is healthy, that makes sense: Although Moore played well down the stretch in Miami last year, Garrard is the most accomplished of the three quarterbacks.

And Tannehill is the one who has the most to learn. Even though Tannehill has a leg up on the offense because he played for Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in college, it appears unlikely that he can learn the ins and outs of the pro game quickly enough to be ready to start in two months.

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  1. Before all the “Tannehill is a bust”, “Ha Ha Dolphins drafting sucks” comments, keep in mind this is what everyone including Dolphins fans expected. Tannehill is raw but his upside is tremendous. He might not start week one or play much at all in 2012, but there is no rush to put him on the field when he is not ready. Garrard or Moore is more than capable to handle the starting job this year.

    Tannehill has all the tools to be a very good NFL QB and will benefit sitting on the bench for a season. Luck, Griffin and Weeden are going to be thrown in from day one and will probably suck this year. They are all on very bad teams and have no help around them. Tannehill gets to soak things in for a season and in the year he will be better off than those three.

  2. I don’t think anyone who’s reasonable would say Tannehill is a bust, necessarily. I think by stirring he, Moore & Garrard in the same pot, this is unsurprising.

    I’d worry more that studying under Moore and Garrard wouldn’t be too effective long-term. But NOW is when Miami wants Tannehill to make mistakes… get it out of your system now, kid.

    For me, maybe Luck’s horse teeth affects me but I think RG3 will be the best of the lot.

  3. This is also why that many experts said that drafting Tannehill this early in the draft was a reach. Dolphins are just to desperate to get a franchise quarterback and its understandable.

  4. With his lack of college QB starts, it’s better he come along slowly. This year has disaster written all over it, and there is a huge risk of destroying his confidence by throwing him into this mess. Hopefully he’ll have learned enough as a backup to take over next season, when we have a new GM and coaching staff.

  5. wannstache, the Dolphins have a new coaching staff this year, they are not going anywhere after this season. Disaster written all over it? Give me a break, the Dolphins very well could make the playoffs this season. They are not in the same boat as teams like the Vikings, Rams, Colts or Browns, they are much more talented. If any team in the AFC East is a “mess”, it would be the Jets. That is a team on the verge of imploding.

  6. The new coaching staff isn’t going anywhere and I doubt Ireland is either.

    Commenting in July of 2012 re a coaching change in 2013 is a fools errand.

    Tannehill coming along slowly, as NFL teams used to make a common practice, is the right way to go.

  7. nublar7 says: Jul 2, 2012 1:59 PM

    Luck, Griffin and Weeden are going to be thrown in from day one and will probably suck this year. They are all on very bad teams and have no help around them. Tannehill gets to soak things in for a season and in the year he will be better off than those three.

    That is a huge assumption bro, did you take a look at Andy Dalton and Cam Newton last year. Luck and Griffin are rated better than they were coming into the draft this year, and you think just because they are rookies they will have a terrible season. Now, the browns do have a problem because thier is absolutely no one for Weeden to throw to besides Little. Weeden will struggle but don’t assume that RG3 and Luck will struggle.

  8. @nublar7

    Forgot Cam Cameron already? And he was much more qualified to be a head coach than this guy. The defense will take a huge step back without Mike Nolan and Yeremiah Bell. The rest of the division has gotten stronger. Playoffs? Seriously?

  9. Eli, Rodgers, Favre, Palmer and a host of other good if not great QBs did not start right away.

    This is a non-story.

    Don’t ever throw a QB in there before they are ready. Tannenhill has the arm and the smarts to be a real good QB. Bring him along properly.

    In the mean time Garrard is a very capable QB, and Moore can play too, and keep the team in the mix.

  10. We are going to suck, plain and simple. Tannehill is going to be even worse than the rest of our team combined. That’s pretty bad Fin Nation. As long as this three ring circus is being led by Ross and Ireland, we are going to be the doormat of the NFL. I wish this wasn’t the case but it is.

  11. Give the kid some time. He didnt come in with the hype or talent of Luck or Griffin so no one should think he is going to come in and save the day right away. With that being said if he can’t beat out Garrard or Moore by the end of the year or next then there is cause for concern

  12. nublar7, I respect that you definitely seem like a loyal fan of the dolphins, but you have to be realistic about the QB’s. After Luck and RG3, the drop off was tremendous. The dolphins reached on Tannehill, which in my opinion was a huge mistake. You take the best player at that pick, not take a pick for need, which is what the dolphins did. This kid reminds me too much of their John Beck pick back in the day. There are ton of similarities between both QB’s. Good luck with that kid, because he is going to need it.

  13. wannstache,

    Cam Cameron is the exception to the rule, how often does a head coach get fired after his rookie season? Very rarely happens. What makes Cameron more qualified to be a head coach than Philbin? Unless you think Philbin is not capable of winning even one game(predicting 0-16) there is no way Cameron is more qualified to be a head coach. Mike Nolan’s defense is why the team started 0-7 last year and Coyle’s new 4-3 defense should be beneficial to the personnel they have in place.

    How exactly has the division gotten stronger? The Bills signed Mario Williams, while a very good player he is coming off a major injury and has seen his stats decline each year since 2007. The Jets are a joke and the lockeroom is on the verge of imploding. An extension for Sanchez and trading for Tebow in the same offseason? That team is a mess.

    The Patriots are still the class of the division, but as of right now, Miami probably has a slight advantage for the 2nd spot. Bills are a close third and the Jets are falling to a distant 4th.

    I don’t think the Dolphins will make the playoffs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did either. They usually beat the Bills and Jets and play the NFC West this year, things look promising for them.

  14. Got to love the Dolphins. Finally get a QB who manages a winning record, then immediately take a high draft pick on a questionable QB and bring in a rusty veteran, and suddenly your winning starter is forecast to be out of a job while your development QB looks to be a long time in development. They’re far too attached to the hypothetical future success to trust what they have.

    As a Cowboys fan, I’m feeling a sense of misery loving company.

  15. I agree 305fan, except that I’m willing to give Tannehill the benefit of the doubt. Ross and Ireland, though, have proven time and time again that they don’t belong in the big-boy chairs. I’m afraid only the sale of the team will save this once-proud franchise.

  16. According to Tannehill he came into minicamp “knowing” what was it 70-80% of the offense already. What happened to that?
    That other 20% must be a real bear.

  17. wannstache- you picked as good of a screen name as the source…. a loser. No need to come back when the team is winning, with the existing staff and owner. See ya-

  18. No surprise here. It would be a MAJOR mistake if he plays at all this season. A fine example of that is Blaine Gabbert. He should have not played at all last season. You saw how that went! If he’s not ready by next season, then there is a problem. Until then, nothing to worry about.

  19. Hey 305fan: If things are so bad and all you can see is doom and gloom then pick another team to root for. Go along now, get off the bus and don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Go Fins!

  20. wannstache,

    McCarthy called the plays, but Philbin designed each week’s game plan. There is more to being a head coach than “calling plays”. In fact Sherman will be calling the plays on game day, but you know Philbin is going to have his finger prints all over what plays are called.

    If you think Philbin’s biggest problem is that he didn’t call plays in Green Bay, than I question your football knowledge. Philbin was a major reason why the Packers offense was so good and was a key contributor on them winning a Super Bowl recentl.

  21. Fear not Miami fans,

    Thanks to the new CBA your not paying Tannehill as much. Plus the upside to a 1-15 season means you get to draft Matt Barkley. The new rule it the NFL: Don’t develop talent, just draft the next hottest college football player. Makes you wonder with that idea why they pay coaches so much?

  22. Seattlerogueburner,
    How can you call a QB great if they have played in the NFL for 9 years and never won a playoff game?

  23. rc21pgh

    His teams haven’t won a playoff game. Palmer however has an 86 career QB rating, has only thrown one season with a completion percentage under 60%, 167-116 TD/int.

    Great might not be the right word, but he was no bust, and he was and still is a sought out QB. Don’t blame one man for playoff losses.

  24. I would start him day one and let the chips fall where they may! He needs playing time and why not get him it…..not sure how logical it is to say sitting him will help him adjust to the speed of the game.

    They have yet to have training camp so for some of you to already have made up your minds that he is not ready is just crazy….

  25. “chargersfan4life says:Jul 2, 2012 2:22 PM

    This is also why that many experts said that drafting Tannehill this early in the draft was a reach. Dolphins are just to desperate to get a franchise quarterback and its understandable.”
    I’d rather see them do that than trade three 1st rounders to move a few spots like the Redskins did. Mortgaging the future like that rarely works out in the long run.

  26. Qb never started right away…this just happens these past yrs…and one more thing..did Marino start…he will be a great qb bottom line…pgilbin will be a great coach

  27. If u think the fins can’t man e the playoffs this yr. U need to never watch football again…philbin did great at everything he coached…losing seasons are yours now….perfection with no giant loss

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