No seven-step drops for Bears this year

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The change in offensive coordinators from Mike Martz to Mike Tice is resulting in at least one major change to the way the Bears do business.

Tackle Gabe Carimi said during an interview with Alex Marvez and Zig Fracassi on Sirius XM NFL Radio that the team has done away with all seven-step drops on passing plays this season. Those plays were a hallmark of Martz’s systems everywhere he’s coached, leading to both the possibility of big plays down the field and a higher likelihood that the quarterback would get pasted by a pass rusher before or after delivering the pass.

Given the concerns about the ability of the Bears offensive line to protect Jay Cutler, it’s probably a wise move by Chicago. Shorter drops mean that the linemen don’t have to hold their blocks quite so long and that should mean less abuse for Cutler. It’s the second major offensive change we’ve seen this offseason, along with Cutler being given the freedom to audible out of plays at the line of scrimmage.

With passes coming out more quickly, it will be essential that Cutler develops a strong rapport with his receivers and makes the right decisions about where to go with the ball. His previous working relationship with Brandon Marshall should help on that front, although there will still be plenty of work to do on this front come camp.

16 responses to “No seven-step drops for Bears this year

  1. Marz: 1999 called, it wants its 7 step drop back.

    7-step drops couples with no top-shelf WR and a crappy offensive line… wonder the Bears struggled last year.

    As long as Tice doesn’t introduce the Brandy Ratio…..the Bears with Forte should challenge well for the North.

  2. I know I may be in the minority when I say this, but I am a huge Jay Cutler fan. I honestly think that if Shanahan had stuck in Denver, him and Cutler would be having great success right now. Also, I think the trades and constant O-line troubles have really set him back. He has the tools to be a Top-5 QB, even without elite talent around him. Also, his rivalry with Rivers had to be one of the best in the NFL, right on Par with Manning and Brady. Keep him up-right Chicago, you have your franchise QB now, and I can see him leading you to Superbowl berths and even a title.

  3. all anyone wants to focus on is how bad the bears line is while ignoring the improvement they and the offense made the last 2 years when martz was made to run a more balanced attack. in his first year after the bye week they went on a winning streak that lead to division title and playing in the nfc championship game. last year again after being forced to change they went on a 5 game streak and only missed the playoffs because Cutler got hurt. now that they do no not have to change the offense in mid season the line play and offense should continue to get better.

  4. Now Cutler can get the ball out quick an he has Big WRs to throw it to.. He can also audible at the line, Now Chicago will get the best from Cutler, an the first class running game he has behind him dont hurt none, if Cutler can get good protection from the offensive line the Super Bowl is a real thing in Chicago, BEAR DOWN…

  5. Cutler is just absolutely set up for a career year here. ‘Twill be exciting.

  6. Martz refused to adapt his 15 year old style to the talent the Bears had available, and the realities of the changed NFL defenses, and it cost them and Cutler badly. The Bears are going to be a major force this year.

  7. It is amazing how stubborn some people get when they get a taste of success. The stupidity of Martz’s schemes (7 step drops and not keeping blockers in the backfield) were completely obvious to almost everyone who was watching. Not to mention he routinely made bad calls in terms of time and field position …. like calling deep drops when we are in a goal to go scenario with Caleb Hanie as QB.

  8. Hopefully the Bears will have a similar season to what the Lions had the year after Martz left Detroit.

  9. rabidbillsfan, I’m with you, I’ve liked Cutler from the start in Denver, though I didn’t really watch him ’til he came to the Bears…I am psyched to see the type of numbers this offense will put up this year.

  10. 🙂 Subtle dig of the day goes to the gentleman who mentioned the year after Martz left Detroit. The stark reality is that Martz leaving more often means a minor offensive bump rather than drastic. That said Bears have some weapons. I will be interested to see how this all shakes down.

  11. Can you even imagine what it feels like pre-snap knowing that you have too many rushers, not enough blockers, too little time or a defense that is set up right in your way and you can’t do a damn thing but snap the ball and get licked!!! Cutlet ocassionally called out of the bad plays but with no setup audible lingo he would have to just call out a slight change to an already bad play and it rarely helped!! It’s a wonder he didn’t pull the offense together for private meeting to set up an audible language of their own.. I was excited about Martz coming to Chicago at first but in his first 4 games I became obvious that he needed to change his ways, a lot!!!! Bears can win two rings in the next four years!!!

  12. The playing field will be EVEN this season.. Now Cutler has REAL weapons to go with his defense, CHICAGO can now beat teams with offense, they are now WIN A SHOOT OUT, I CANT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON, Bear down

  13. sucram619 | Jul 2, 2012, 9:19 AM MST
    The NFC North is gonna b scary this year… Green Bay, Detroit, and Chicago all could make the playoffs


    Dead right! This is going to be the most exciting division in the league and I can’t wait to see it! MONSTAHS!!

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