Rooneys give Chesney plaque for six Heinz Field sellouts

The team that has won six Super Bowls has given special recognition to a man who has sold out the team’s home stadium for six separate events that didn’t involve a football game.

The Rooney family has given Kenny Chesney a “Six for Six” plaque commemorating his sixth sold out show at Heinz Field.  He also received a helmet signed by Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris.

In all, Chesney has sold more than 300,000 tickets to the venue since his first show there, in 2005.

“I believe this might be the best gift I’ve ever gotten on the road,” Chesney said.  “It epitomizes all the heart and energy and passion that this crowd has, that this town has.”

On Saturday night, Chesney appeared at Heinz Field with Tim McGraw, as part of their “Brothers of the Sun” tour.  Backstage guests included Ben Roethlisberger (pictured with Chesney), Dan Marino, and Jim Kelly.

13 responses to “Rooneys give Chesney plaque for six Heinz Field sellouts

  1. To demonstrate his arm strength, Big Ben and Kenny walked to midfield, whereupon the Steeler’s QB picked up the tiny crooner and threw him through the goalposts.

    But Ben revealed it wasn’t a first for him. “In high school I used to keep a kid named Kenny, or Malcolm or Hubert or something, stuffed in my locker to toss around the field for fun. But that was years ago.”.

  2. 300,000 people will pay to listen to what sounds like a cat being tortured?


  3. Hey, anything that helps pay the bills is a good thing. Perhaps they’ll pass the savings on to the football fans?

    Naw, that’s just crazy talk.

  4. In all, Chesney has sold more than 300,000 tickets to the venue since his first show there, in 2005.

    George Strait could do that in a week.

  5. I was at the show. Chesney had the plaque brought out to the stage just before doing “The Boys Of Fall,” which is maybe the best song ever written and performed about high school football, which he played in Tennessee.

    Steeler Country loves the King of Country, Kenny Chesney.

  6. My uncle, also, has sold over 300,000 to that venue and has never received so much as a thank you. I guess working in ticket sales for the last 30 years counts for nothing.

  7. The guy might be a multi platinum selling musician with a talent for the singing but he’s still about the creepiest looking little dude around. No wonder that troll Renee Zelwigger only stayed married to him for about 20 minutes.

    Those that produced a daughter at a young age need to check out his song “there goes my life”. Don’t know if he wrote it, but the song hits you pretty good.

  8. abnif….

    I was at George Strait’s last concert in Pittsburgh. Drew about 10,000 in the new arena.

  9. Im not a country fan at all.. but went to his show at the Linc last month.. pretty good time.. awesome tailgating.. lots of pretty girls..

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