Antonio Brown sends jersey to Hall of Fame


Plenty of football still needs to be played before we know whether Steelers receiver Antonio Brown will have a shot at making it to the Hall of Fame.  But he’ll at least have a jersey there.

According to Hugh Bernreuter of, the black-with-white-numbers shirt Brown wore on January 1 against the Browns now resides in Canton.

The team MVP’s No. 84 from that game against the Browns has significance because he finished the day as the first player in NFL history to accumulate more than 1,000 receiving yards and 1,000 return yards in the same season.

Brown, a sixth-round pick with two years in the league, generated 2,211 all-purpose yards in 2011, a Steelers record — but still only No. 51 all-time.

26 responses to “Antonio Brown sends jersey to Hall of Fame

  1. Brown is awesome. And steelers will reward him. If ravens woulda had him instead of dropsy evans they woulda won afc championship. Instead they got cundiffed! Made my year!

  2. Yea, ravenator, and it’s too bad that Unibrow had his best season ever but still can’t win the big one. OK, he didn’t drop the potential game winning pass

    Not to mention that age has left Reed and Ray Ray slower and mere shadows of their 2001 selves. Reed sounds ready to pack it in.

    Don’t be surprised when T-Sags re-injures his achilles tendon by coming back too soon. I had similar injury running college track and it does take close to a year to rehab. Since TS is a speed rusher, his plant foot must be supported by a healthy achilles to play at his level. TS will fizzle and not sizzle.

    Keep living in the past, since 2001 is all that the pathetic raven fans as yourself have.

    AB will be a B&G force to be reckoned with for years to come.

  3. Surprised nobody has done it before.Probably because teams dont use 1000 yard wr’s on returns because of risk of injury.

    Cool achievement though. So what does Canton do with the jersey if his record is ever broken?

  4. @ravenator You raven fans cannot talk. when was the last time your teams been to the superbowl? 2001? 11 years ago lol. I bet the steelers whether be Tebow’d then lose every single playoff game since 2002. And getting swepted? Yeah, your team swept us but I’m sure getting swepted 3x in one season hurts alot worse.

  5. Funny you mention playoffs ravenator cause I remember a few times we knocked your asses out on the way to claiming our vast amount of hardware. We’re better and in the grand scheme of things we always will be, so keep reading our articles wishing you were us and hatin, we love the attention 😉

  6. Not a Steelers fan, but a big fan of Antonio Brown. He was a hell of a talent at Central Michigan, although it WAS just Central Michigan, but the man could play. Congrats on him making it, we can only hope he keeps it up, just wish he were in Carolina instead.

  7. People:

    Ignore ravenator and the comments he makes from his mom’s basement. Dont thumbs down him or comment. He likes the attention and is just venting after finally having ONE good year over the Steelers. Everyone knows the Steelers have owned the Division for the majority of the last 4 decades.

  8. steelwarriors55 says:Jul 3, 2012 8:38 PM

    @ravenator Id rather get Tebowd than Flaccowd


    You did get “Flaccowd”. Twice.

  9. I’ll take 2000 APY and 2 touchdowns over a gang of touchdowns and low yards. Sounds like someone can’t see the work Brown put in over his fantasy stats. SMH

  10. When are they asking for the jerseys of the refs in SB XL? For the record, I hate the Seahawks, but c’mon man…

  11. kw93 says:Jul 3, 2012 11:32 PM

    I’ll take 2000 APY and 2 touchdowns over a gang of touchdowns and low yards. Sounds like someone can’t see the work Brown put in over his fantasy stats. SMH


    Us Raven fans have that player in Ray Rice, the player who led the NFL in yards from scrimmage and scored 15 TD’s.

  12. You did get “Flaccowd”. Twice.

    And Flacco has been Roelisbergered 6 times.


  13. I was thinking the 2 td post was more of a overlook of what he did accomplish despite only hitting pay dirt twice, linemen work like crazy for what? Pancakes? Didn’t realize it was a steelers vs ravens post. Im over here in Minnesota where we have a rb who has ray rice and a APY guy in Percy Harvin. Too bad we don’t have much else at the time. But I do have one question for you. Can your LT touch his toes yet?

  14. It must be hard, being a Baltimoron, having to watch and eat all of the success that the Pittsburgh teams have had during most of their meaningless lives !

  15. Can’t even begin to imagin how much pride it was for AB to be asked to send his jersey to Canton. I don’t believe he’ll ever replace Hines, but he’ll be a close second. I predict STEELER for life.

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