Browns DT Kiante Tripp arrested in Georgia on burglary charges

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Browns defensive tackle Kiante Tripp was arrested in College Park, Ga., on charges of burglary.

According to a short report by, Tripp and two other men were accused of threatening people inside an apartment and ransacking the apartment, in an apparent effort to reclaim money they believed was stolen from them.

Neighbors told police officials that men with guns entered the apartment. The report said that one member of the party was also changed with possession of marijuana.

The 24-year-old Tripp grew up in Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia. He went to training camp with the Falcons last year, but signed with Cleveland’s practice squad, and played in three games late last year.

18 responses to “Browns DT Kiante Tripp arrested in Georgia on burglary charges

  1. Sounds like the **perfect** guy for Holmgren to make an example of, to show he’s tough and won’t stand for behavior that embarrasses the team or detracts from their goal.

    Perfect because he’s not a superstar on the team, just a marginal player.

  2. Tripp just hired Vilma’s lawyer, Ginsburg, to put the spin on things. …….”he wasn’t ransacking the apartment, he sat on the couch and thought some change fell out of his pocket and into the couch cushions and the gun in his hand wasn’t his but he almost tripped on it when entering the apartment so he just picked it up to put it in a safe place and the maryjane wasn’t his, it belonged to Randy Moss and he was just holding it for him, not knowing what it really was ” Case closed and if Goodell punishes him for these honest mistakes then Goodell has too much power and is playing God with this innocent young man’s life and livelihood.

  3. Somebody get on the phone to Cinci. They have to be salivating at the prospect of signing this guy.

  4. This is a devastating blow to a Browns team that was expecting Tripp to be an integral part of the practice squad.

  5. Another “great guy” put out by that fine ” Christian Coach” Mark Richt. How many of his players and former players have to get arrested before people finally wake up and realize he is a used car salesman.

  6. It is almost unfair to put “Browns” in the headline of this story. Practice squad player? We talkin’ about practice? Come on, man. We talkin about practice. Not game players. Not game players, but we talkin about practice players…..(thank you A.I.)

  7. Send this fool to the rookie symposium. What did Irvin say about ditching your ghetto criminal friends just because you want to “keep it real”?

  8. degehring says:
    Jul 3, 2012 2:15 PM
    Somebody get on the phone to Cinci. They have to be salivating at the prospect of signing this guy.

    Detroit is the city you are looking for. Unless you enjoy still living in 2006.

  9. Hey nj! Tripp can hang out with sucklisburger and take advantage of women and then buy his way out or even get a dwi with hines ward. Degehring. If tripp played for cincy, atleast he would be on a contender, instead of being a loser for his whole career. Last time the browns went the super bowl my grandpaw was a kid.

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