Chad Ochocinco invites grieving widow to his wedding via Twitter

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Say what you want about Chad Ochocinco, but the guy has a knack for making people happy.

Even though he’s a day away from his wedding, he took to Twitter Tuesday and apparently arranged for a grieving widow to join him at the ceremony.

When Cheryl Minton sent him a tweet asking him to pray for her because she lost her husband two weeks ago, he began a conversation that ended with travel plans being made.

Such unusual gestures aren’t out of the ordinary for Ochocinco, who has been known to show up in NFL cities on the road and buy dinner for 85 strangers.

So while he might not always be the most romantic, you can’t argue that his heart’s not in the right place.

17 responses to “Chad Ochocinco invites grieving widow to his wedding via Twitter

  1. Yeah, if you follow Chad closely the guy is just a good dude with a good heart. Big ups.

  2. Always liked the guy, even though he is starving for attention constantly. Glad he’s not a member of the new England evil empire anymore. Hope he has a great season and rides off into the sunset. He’s a skinnier, more respectful, better teammate version of TO. If TO had his class he would still be in the league. Moss is…….

  3. Chad may be a little insecure and seeking attention may help his self esteem. However, he seems to be a loveable eccentric with a big heart. I wish him luck this season.

  4. No one here thinks it’s at least a little bit odd to take a greving widow to a wedding?

    It’s still a nice gesture, but if I were her, a wedding would be the last thing I’d want to go to.

  5. Chad’s definitely got my respect for stuff like this. All professional athletes should take something from this. A ton of them put themselves on a different level when they get their money. They need to appreciate life.

  6. I’ve always enjoyed Chad’s receiving skills AND his creative TD celebrations. I’m not sure why alot of people seem to dislike him? I’m not aware of him ever getting in trouble off the field, and have heard many examples of his kindness/generosity over the years to NFL fans (not just fans of his team). I hope this season goes well, because he seems like he still loves playing the game.

  7. He’s a good dude, i remember he would send out tweets when he’s on the road to invite people out to dinner. I don’t c why people don’t like him

  8. Paying for travel arrangements for a complete stranger? Buying 85 meals for people you don’t even know?? This is why Chad Johnson – Ochocinco will probably be broke 2 weeks after his last NFL paycheck.
    I respect the caring, giving nature of what he is doing. However, it doesn’t set a good example to other NFL players (especially rookies). You can do plenty of charitable things without wasting your own money. Volunteer at a hospital or soup kitchen. Organize a fundraiser. Autograph stuff that can be sold (w/ proceeds going to charity).

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