Jim Irsay donates $10,000 to charity for Irrelevant Week


Colts owner Jim Irsay will soon sign a check for a lot more than $10,000 for Andrew Luck. But for now, he’s signing a check for $10,000 in honor of his team’s other rookie quarterback.

The Colts have announced that Irsay donated $10,000 to charities involved in Irrelevant Week, which is taking place this week with Chandler Harnish, the Colts’ seventh-round quarterback who became Mr. Irrelevant as the last player taken in the draft, as the honoree.

The charities involved in Irrelevant Week include the Goodwill Fitness Center in Orange County, California, which benefits student athletes, the R.M. Pyles Camp for underprivileged kids and the Radio Isotope Therapy of America Foundation, which assists cancer patients.

Irrelevant Week began in 1976 and has honored the last pick in the draft while also raising money for charities in the area of Newport Beach, California for 37 years. Former NFL player Paul Salata, who played for the San Francisco 49ers in 1949 and then was traded to the Baltimore Colts in 1950, was the creator of Irrelevant Week.

8 responses to “Jim Irsay donates $10,000 to charity for Irrelevant Week

  1. It must be nice to be born into that kind of money and not have to develop any kind of things that make people likeable and well-rounded. Stuff like, oh, humility, tact, and literacy. You know, little things like that.
    Does this silver spoon trust fundy do anything thing privately anymore? How did he ever function before Twitter?
    Without possessing any conspicuous talent, this guy wants to be famous. Isn’t it enough anymore to just be rich?

  2. I admire Irsay for donating as much as he does to charity, as do all NFL owners and the league itself.

    You RARELY see a player donate money to a charity, they usually donate to their own “fund” or a college/university (which is not charity).

  3. I don’t know Jim Irsay but I am sure that he is likeable and well-rounded, and I am sure that his parents taught him humility, literacy, and tact (things that most NFL players lack).
    Do not attack a person who runs a profitable business and keeps hundreds of people employed.

  4. I don’t know all that much about Irsay, but, he’s a heck of a lot better of a person than his dad ever was.

  5. I’m not an Occupy/1% hater but I find it tough to laud such a small contribution by someone who has so much and seems to want so much public credit for giving such a relatively small amount.

    Irsay is “worth” $1.4 billion according to Forbes – mostly inherited from his dad who purchased the Colts for $15 million in 1972.

    A few posters here did the math when Irsay donated $50,000 to help tornado victims – and determined that for a PFT reader earning $50,000 a year that was the Irsay equivilent of $1.75.

    Yes. One dollar and seventy five cents.

    I’d bet most of you are much more generous – and seldom issue a press release to announce your charitable contributions.

    The reason you “hear” about Irsay’s contribution is he pays a PR person in excess of his tornado contribution to issue press releases. NFL players give as much or more but don’t bother to have their publicist issue a press release. They do it because they want to give back – not for the false glory of giving such a relatively small amount.

    If Irsay sold just one of his prized possessions – like the original manuscript of “On the Road” he bought for $2.34 million in 2001 and donated it to charity, I’d be a bit more impressed and give him some more credit.

    But a $10,000 donation – which is the equivalent of 35 cents to you or I?

    Sorry – I’m not going to give him the credit he so obviously desires by having his Colts PR person make the announcement.

  6. Great. Between Jim Irsay and Pat Bowlen we’ve got a grand total of $60,000 to help recover half the charred state of Colorado and remedy underprivileged kids and cancer patients.

    Collectively. As in “total”

    And you’re supposed to be ambassadors for a multi-billion dollar enterprise known as the National Football League. What an embarrassment.

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