Kellen Moore finding out about life in the NFL

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Lions quarterback Kellen Moore will be a curiosity in training camp based solely on his college success.

After all, going 50-3 at Boise State (the most wins ever for a quarterback at an FBS-level school) will charm many who don’t see his obvious flaws.

Moore got his first taste of the NFL when the Lions signed former Arena Leaguer R.J. Archer to compete with him for the third job. Archer won his way to a roster spot through a tryout at their minicamp.

“It’s the NFL — it’s part of the process,” Moore told Dave Southorn of the Idaho Press-Tribune.

Moore’s reunited in Detroit with former Boise receiver Titus Young, the second-rounder from 2011 who has had his own issues adjusting to the NFL level.

Granted, Young’s a lot higher on the depth chart than Moore, which the quarterback acknowledged when asked about throwing to Young and Calvin Johnson.

“They’re tremendous, but I’m not really throwing to them right now,” Moore said. “A few times. There’s a pecking order and we stick to it. I think I’ve thrown to them a few times, but on accident.”

We’ll find out when camp opens how many more chances Moore gets, or whether Archer jumps him in order to throw to the receivers who will actually make the roster.

9 responses to “Kellen Moore finding out about life in the NFL

  1. Has any player from Boise State panned out in the NFL lately? Recent high picks like Kyle Wilson, Ryan Clady and now Titus Young are look, to put it nicely, like they were drafted several rounds too high.

  2. Considering the second most wins by an FBS QB is held by Colt McCoy, who was just replaced by a 28 year old rookie, I have to imagine that people in the business will look at the player and not just the record. Though, he could follow the Detmer brothers’ career path and be a solid 2nd/3rd stringer who also is like a jr coach.

  3. Moore’s just got too many lacking measureables for his intangibles to offset. I’m guessing this won’t stop Peter King from predicting a 5,000 yard passing season at some point for Moore. Speaking of which, where is Danny Wuerffel?

  4. I’m pulling for the kid to make the team and play some role in building the Lions back. He might not ever be a starter or take significant snaps but he understands the game. I could see him being in the NFL for 3-5 years then going back to Boise to be a grad student and eventually becoming a heck of a coach.

  5. Kellen Moore could be a Kubiak-type backup. The kind of QB who helps a team win in the film room and sidelines. If he has to play a few downs here and there, he’s smart enough to get the job done.

    And every down guy…sad, but highly unlikely. I’m from Boise and been a BSU fan since they were a Jr College, so I’m rooting hard for him to prove everyone wrong again, but it seems like the longest of shots he’ll be more than a clipboard holder.

  6. The NFL has these system QBs figured out by now.

    Kevin Kolb was the nail in the coffin for obviously physically limited QBs being drafted 4 rounds too soon based upon gaudy stats.

    These guys will have to go the late round/UDFA route and basically start over.

    Which is how it should be. The NFL doesn’t draft interior linemen based upon their college team’s record. They shouldn’t draft their QBs that way either.

  7. I don’t think he will ever get a chance to prove himself. If the Lions brought in another QB, then his time in Detroit is likely short as well. Let me guess, the other guy has good measurables, right? How did a guy like Drew Brees get such a great opportunity coming out of Purdue in the 2nd round? His measurables are pretty questionable too.

  8. “Has any player from Boise State panned out in the NFL lately? Recent high picks like Kyle Wilson, Ryan Clady and now Titus Young are look, to put it nicely, like they were drafted several rounds too high.” –randallflagg52

    Who let inside the guy from the short bus?

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