Klis says Manning is at 85-to-90 percent


Before the Colts dumped quarterback Peyton Manning, the prevailing sentiments regarding his arm strength and neck consisted of gloom and/or doom.  Since joining the Broncos it has been sunshine and/or gumdrops.

The truth, as usual, resides somewhere in the middle.  So is it closer to the bad, or the good?

Mike Klis of the Denver Post joined PFT Live on Tuesday to assess Manning’s status.  Klis, based on his observations at the team’s offseason workouts, said that Manning started at 65 percent and finished at 85-to-90 percent.

“He really came a long way in that four weeks,” Klis said.

Klis added that Manning may never complete the remaining 10-to-15 percent climb, given the unprecedented nature of his neck injury and surgeries and nerve regeneration issues.  But most teams, in any era, would gladly take Peyton Manning at 85-to-90 percent.

The Broncos are the ones that have him, and we’ll find out soon enough what that means.

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11 responses to “Klis says Manning is at 85-to-90 percent

  1. The only problem with the NFL is the length of the offseason. Enough speculation. Football season needs to start.

  2. Very curious to see what happens with the Broncos and Manning this year.

    Regardless what happens, he’s one of the greatest to ever play and he didnt have to go jump on board with another stacked team to get his ring (like lebron james). He carried a bad team to the playoffs every year and finally “won the big one”. Much respect and best of luck to him this upcomming year.

  3. Manning’s ability to read defenses and get the ball out is still 100%. The last surgeon to operate said his neck is as strong as before. The main issue has been the tricep muscle and ability to throw a lot of long balls. I’ll take that scenario any day. Now it’s a matter of getting the receivers on the same page so they are making the same reads as Peyton.

  4. The main problem I see is the game schedule that the broncos have. I know that this is coming from a Chargers fan, but I totally respect and love Peyton. However, he plays teams this year that have an excellent pass rush. Take for instance, Ravens, Pittsburgh, Raiders, and the improving pass rush of the Chargers (with Melvin Ingram). Peyton needs to be 100 percent because that probably means problems are still going on with his neck. If Ray Lewis gets a clean shot on Peyton his days in the NFL could be numbered. Hate to say that but it could happen, and the truth hurts.

  5. I ma anxious to see him in preseason. I hope it works out well for him. He is an extraordinary player and I would like to see a few more years of him. Obviously, he was the Colts! Let’s see how he works with the Broncos!

  6. If Manning can be 85/90%…. and STAY healthy, the Broncos will be in the playoffs and I can only imagine it will be really good fun.

  7. I’m just glad he’s no longer in the AFC-South, beating my Texans twice a year! Seriously, though….I’m a little surprised he didn’t go ahead and retire. Manning has a SB ring and will always be remembered as one of the greatest QB’s of all time. He’s earned more money than he could spend in his lifetime. He could retire today and have a job tomorrow in TV or coaching. Why on earth is he willing to risk his health? Neck injuries are deadly serious. After multiple surgeries, there is NO WAY his neck is “as good as new.” Manning should walk away while he can still, you know… actually walk.

  8. More than having a great season, I hope that he’s able to stay and play safe. That neck injury is worrying, for what may happen to him. Good luck Peyton for great memories!

  9. Manning didn’t have an injury to his neck, it was a nerve problem from the beginning. It’s not as tho he’s coming back from an injury similar to Nick Collins, the neck fusion was a proceedure to fix the nerve problem.

    The people that keep harping on the fact that Manning is “one hit away” are full of chit in the sense that he’s no closer to a career ending hit than RG3. If his neck surgery would have made him more susceptible to injury then he wouldn’t have had the surgery…….

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