Lions’ Justin Durant: We have been terrible at decision making


Lions linebacker Justin Durant is not impressed with the way his teammates have conducted themselves this offseason.

Durant participated in a chat at and was asked by a fan about the total of six arrests from four players that the Lions have experienced this offseason. Durant said it’s time for players in Detroit to make better decisions.

“We just have to be smarter regardless of age right now. I’m not one to judge because nobody is perfect but we have really been terrible at decision making this offseason. I trust the people in the front office to make the right moves,” Durant wrote. “It’s tough because it brings the type of attention we do not want to our team. We want them to talk about the talent we have not about our off the field issues. We have to be smarter and make better choices.”

Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley has been arrested for drunk driving and marijuana possession, running back Mikel Leshoure has been arrested twice for marijuana possession, offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath has been arrested for marijuana possession and cornerback Aaron Berry has been arrested for drunk driving. It would be hard for anyone to argue with Durant: They’ve made some terrible decisions this offseason.

Durant also said he thinks the Lions were satisfied just to reach the postseason in 2011, and that was a problem.

“I think we got content with just making the playoffs,” Durant wrote. “After the San Diego game we celebrated and it just seems as if we took our foot off the gas. We have to finish. We have the talent and the coaching to do so.”

But talent and coaching can only get the Lions so far if they don’t make better decisions.

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  1. Durant was one of the best offseason pickups for the Lions. Even though he was a risk coming off injury, he showed great lateral speed at LB throughout the season. Picksup like this are why Mayhew should be applauded. Now if Levy could just get his head in the game and return to making big momentum plays like he did a year ago….

  2. This team has the potential to be very good the next 5-7 years. Its crazy the think just a little while ago they went 0-16 and were perennial top five in the draft. Mayhew and Schwartz deserve a lot for turning around the whole perception of this team.

  3. Yeah, but what does Burleson think about all of this? Where’s his daily Lions’quote?

  4. How do you make good desicions when you are either drunk or stoned. Leshoure twice for pot. I am guessing this guy is an idiot, the league gives you 3 strikes and your out and he uses 2 of them in one off season.

    The Lions are the most overrated team in the NFL. Thier defense is horrible they were 22nd against the pass, they were 23rd against the run and thier rushing offense was 29th in the NFL. Take away Calvin Johnson bailing out Stafford with some amazing catches and the Lions are no where near the playoffs last year. Statistically they were the worst of the 12 playoff teams last year. I can understand the excitement of last year after being the NFL doormat for years but I think your world will come crumbling down on the Lions fans next year. Fairley will be suspended for a couple games, Leshoure will probobly miss about 5 or six games, Culbreath and Berry will miss a few games as well. This teams defense and running game already suck and these guys missing time will not help.

  5. Leshoure got 2 games, johnson will continue bailing stafford out so there shouldnt be to much fall off from last year. There pass D was top 15 or 10 before the last two games of the season.

  6. Durant should be used to it as the Jaguars had the same problem his first two years in the league in 2007-08.

    Durant himself was arrested as a rookie when he resisted arrest and had an open container after police found him passed out in his car on a highway off-ramp.

  7. So how long we gonna keep beating this horse fella’s?

    What I really want is daily updates and quotes about that PED user from the packers and his fight to get back in the league.

  8. So, just out of curiosity, how many more times do you plan to print the name of every Lions player arrested this off season?
    Their names are well known to even the most casual reader of this site and, truthfully, you seem to be doing it because you enjoy rubbing it in.
    MDS I’m told that the Cowboys are your team and man I really hope that we play you this year.
    None of these issues will matter once we take the field. What will matter is the fact that our team will be far superior to most other teams next season.
    Then you can write about that.

  9. The Lions are terrible at decision making? No they aren’t! Wait…yes they are. Or…maybe?? I give up.

  10. “What will matter is the fact that our team will be far superior to most other teams next season”.

    While I really hope you end up being right, that’s probably a bit of an overstatement 2012. The Lions will probably be in the top 1/2 to 1/3 of the NFL(which is certainly an improvement compared to last decade), but not in the top 5. Give Mayhew a couple more drafts and Stafford a little more experience, then maybe they’ll be there.

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