Mike Adams making up for lost time this offseason

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The Steelers have given rookie tackle Mike Adams a clear path to the starting left tackle job, but he’s still going to have to prove he can handle the role this summer.

Adams had to navigate his first stumbling blocks this spring thanks to the NFL’s rule barring players from joining their drafted teams until after their schools have finished up their semester. Ohio State’s schedule left Adams, a second-round pick in April, stuck in Columbus during OTAs, meaning he had just the rookie and mandatory minicamps to work with the team before training camp starts at the end of the month.

“My coaches did a great job keeping us up with everything,” Adams said to Zac Jackson of FOXSportsOhio.com. “I had playbook the whole time, I had the film. I feel like I stayed up with things as best I could. As a rookie you’re always learning, so I definitely have work to do.”

The Steelers have enough confidence in Adams to avoid bringing back veteran tackle Max Starks this spring. It helps that Starks has been rehabbing a torn ACL, but the only current insurance policy on the roster is Jonathan Scott. Scott isn’t a particularly appealing choice, though, so Starks will likely remain a talking point until Adams proves he has the job locked down.

Guard David DeCastro, the team’s first-round pick, is also positioned for a starting job and he also missed OTAs because of the semester rule. That means there will be a lot of attention paid to how quickly the Steelers rookies are catching up this summer.

10 responses to “Mike Adams making up for lost time this offseason

  1. That 2nd to last paragraph pretty much says: “See you as soon as you’re cleared for contact, Max. If you’d like, you can have Jon Scott’s old locker.”

  2. Finally. The Steelers will have four blue chips – 2 first and two second rounders – and Willie Colon – a fourth rounder – on the offensive line.

    Undrafted free agents are always a great story but in reality you need studs.


  3. Dont look for Max to be any answer. Ben might like him, we all like him, but he’d rather help you back up, than knock you down. Great person, good man, cant block a girl scout.

  4. could you imagine trying to focus on finals in your last semester of college when you have your NFL playbook sitting on your coffee table?

  5. Death, taxes and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’ll never understand why other teams do not adopt the Steelers’ way and stick to drafting guys who play between the hash marks. WRs & CBs do not win you championships. OL/DL/LB’s do.

  6. This is the guy that’s supposed to make a difference? Riiight. Another season of Ben running around like a chicken with his head cut off, guaranteed! Steelersd are missing the playoffs this year, sucks!

  7. I would trade in Max Starks for Jonathon Scott in a nanosecond. Scott makes like 2 mil, cut him and sign Starks for that, Starks played for like a mil last season. It would even mean a raise for him.

    Starks did a pretty good job last season even though he missed the first part of season being fat and out of shape. Once he was finally ready to go, he was more than decent. I’d like to see him back up both tackle spots, which would mean good things for depth. It all depends if Adams is ready for left tackle though.

  8. @ravenator you are such a piece of crap why do you read a steelers article and talk crap about our team you are an idiot your ravens are terrible and can win the division all day we will still allways be beter than you because when we go to the playoffs we normally do good and dont fall short by one field goal you loser good luck picking up the pieces after your horrible heart break of a playoff run we are taking the division this year mark my words and you guys are done for

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