NFLPA disappointed with “lack of integrity of the investigation”


The NFL Players’ Association continues to state that the league’s investigation into the Saints’ bounty program was flawed, and that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made serious missteps in his suspensions of four players.

Shortly after Goodell confirmed that he is upholding the suspensions of Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Packers defensive end Anthony Hargrove, Saints defensive end Will Smith and Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, the NFLPA released a statement expressing disappointment.

The players are disappointed with the League’s conduct during this process,” the statement said. “We reiterate our concerns about the lack of fair due process, lack of integrity of the investigation and lack of the jurisdictional authority to impose discipline under the collective bargaining agreement. Moreover, the Commissioner took actions during this process that rendered it impossible for him to be an impartial arbitrator.

“The NFLPA has never and will never condone dangerous or reckless conduct in football and to date, nothing the League has provided proves these players were participants in a pay-to-injure program. We will continue to pursue all options.”

For the players, the next option is expected to be heading to court.

7 responses to “NFLPA disappointed with “lack of integrity of the investigation”

  1. Was Scott Fujita’s punishment that he has to look like a bully from every 80s movie ever made?

    Has he put a bounty on Daniel LaRusso yet?

  2. Goodell is the one who insists on coaches disclosing injured players and their injuries.

    Any coaches who have the temerity to put player safety ahead of gambling interests are hit with a hefty fine from Goodell.

    Without Goodell and his strict enforcement of that policy Bountygate never happens.

  3. This is getting out of control. The NFLPA needs to be disbanded. They are the cancer of football.

  4. Let’s say you are Fajita or Vilma and you didn’t do what Goodell claims. Well first of all, you’d automatically be furious that Goodell publicly accused you as if it were fact. Second, how do you go about proving your innocence other than saying I didn’t do it? Your defense begins after your verdict of guilt and punishment has already been handed out. And you’re not allowed to know who the so called witnesses are. You’e not allowed to talk to the coaches and have them verify you didn’t do it. You can say the CBA gives Goodell the power to be unfair, but he doesn’t have to be unfair. He should know that the players have a right to go to a higher authority if he doesn’t follow a fair system. He brought this on himself for abusing his power and being a bully.

  5. I think a lot of people are disappointed the bounties that caused this whole mess, too.

  6. tfbuckfutter says:
    Jul 3, 2012 4:56 PM
    Was Scott Fujita’s punishment that he has to look like a bully from every 80s movie ever made?

    Has he put a bounty on Daniel LaRusso yet?

    Cobra Kai! Actually dud e reminds of me of Tommy (The Duke) Morrison.

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