Ngata disagrees with his placement on Top 100 list

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The headline to this item has featured many other names in the two years since NFL Network launched its space-filling countdown of the top 100 players in the league.  But usually when a guy takes issue with his spot on (or not on) the totem pole, it’s because he’s too low.

Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata thinks he’s too high.

He finished ninth overall, and he placed higher than anyone else on the roster.

I don’t think I’m the best Ravens player,” Ngata tells the team’s official website.

“The way we play together on this defense, we make each other better.  I couldn’t do what I do without [Terrell] Suggs and Ray [Lewis].  It’s the same thing with those guys; they can’t do what they do without us.  I don’t think there is a best player.  We have so many good players and that’s the recipe to a great defense.”

And so Ngata doesn’t plan to use his standing as a source of credibility in the locker room.

“I’m not going to brag,” Ngata said. “Well I guess if somebody pushes me, I’ll tell them, ‘Hey, I’m No. 9.’”

The most funniest part about that comment is the thought of someone actually pushing Ngata.

9 responses to “Ngata disagrees with his placement on Top 100 list

  1. Holy Crap Batman! How can a so called educated man put two superaltives in the same sentence? MORON!

  2. Ngata is an unstoppable force! The sad thing is, my beloved Bills should have selected him just like every peson w/ any brains thought they would. Instead Tom Donahoe picked Whitner 😦

  3. Now that is what you call a good teammate, he brings up others around him and does not dwell on himself. Good role model for kids that watch the NFL.

  4. Fantastic D lineman and sounds like a great teammate. Always good to hear when outstanding players are humble and recognize its a team game.

    Now as a Steelers fan I’m getting awful close to my limit of flattery for a Raven so I’ll wrap this post up here.

  5. Glad Ngata is such a humble person. Not very often you see a super star of his talent with such a small ego. Heck even some marginal players have bigger egos than Ngata does.

    Side note, I wonder what Lardarius Webb has to do to get some national recognition. He was only the best corner in football last year, and didn’t make the top 100 or the pro bowl. Darn shame because he had one heck of a season.

  6. He is a good guy and an outstanding player. Thank you clowns for allowing us to move up one slot so that we could take Ngata while you selected Kamerion wimbly and took the extra 6th rounder we gave you to select a guy who didn’t last 2 years in the nfl

  7. Ngata is a great player, no question, but I completely agree with him here. He had a good year, but not great and definitely not the single most important player to their success this past season. It’s actually refreshing to see a player not complaining about getting enough ‘respect’ and being honest and humble.

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