Ochocinco plans to play until he’s 40


Receiver Chad Ochocinco has at least one thing (and possibly only one thing) in common with his former quarterback in New England:  Both men hope to play football beyond their 40th birthdays.

Ochocinco, 34, tells Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the Dolphins wideout plans to demonstrate that he can keep it going for at least six more seasons.

“I’m going to play ’til I’m 40 years old, and this year I’m going to show the world I can,” Ochocinco said.

On Wednesday, he’ll show the world he can make a commitment, by getting married.  The St. Martin nuptials will be filmed as part of a VH1 reality show.  (He’ll also be live-tweeting the affair to his 3.5 million Twitter followers.)

According to Kelly, Ochocinco will be changing his name back to Johnson as part of his wedding.  (The league and Nike may have something to say about that, depending on the number of “Ochocinco” jerseys already in the inventory.)

After the wedding, it will be time for Ochocinco to get down to the business of proving that 2011 was an aberration.

“There is physically nothing wrong with me.  I want to race Clyde [Gates] right now, Ochocinco said, referring to a teammate who ran the 40-yard dash in 4.31 seconds at the Scouting Combine.  “I’ve asked him.  I’ve still got it.  I’m a lot smarter and I’m still fast.”

And Chad is comfortable again.  He says everything fits perfectly with the Dolphins, who have given him the green light to go back to being himself.

Those factors will help him get to the most of his potential in 2012, whatever that may be.

29 responses to “Ochocinco plans to play until he’s 40

  1. Just as long as he plays in a crappy ~ K.I.S.S type of offense… physically he could do it.

  2. Hell, I dont doubt that at all. As a matter of fact, he can probably play until he is 60 if he stays on the sideline like he did all of last season.

  3. That’s like saying Kevin Costner will act into his 110s. Both are absolutely achievable. More power to him. Just needs to pick the right scripts.

  4. What if he can only play until the end of August??

    That’s when the final roster cuts take place.

    Ochocinco: On the bubble!!!

  5. He’s still playing? What about Moss & TO?

    I thought Chad n Terrell just did a comedy bit on radio, kind of like Martin & Lewis, or Abbott & Costello.

    Who would sign these guys????

  6. That’s at least two Kevin Costner references today…

    Btw, let the man live. He’s just a clown (in a good way). Good luck to him and hope to see some more TD celebrations.

    Even though I doubt he can play til 40, unless he changes position to kicker or something. But no harm in setting high goals.

  7. Okay, I can see that. If he decides to play in the VFL after this season is done. Chad just seems to not have anything left after his 2006 season, not the deep and great wide receiver that he once was.

  8. “He should have signed with the bills. An irrelevant player on an irrelevant franchise.”

    You are correct. The Jills have been and ARE an irrelevant franchise. I see you know your history.

  9. The days of Chad leading the AFC in receiving are over, but I think he rebounds and has a decent year. 800+ yards and 7 scores for Chad. Mark it down. People like to hate on him, but 11,000 yards is 11,000 yards.

  10. Right , right – I get it – the player the Redskins were willing to give up two number one picks for just a few years ago is now useless because he’s playing for Miami. Yeah , okay.

  11. So sick of hearing that the Pats were somehow at fault for his performance last year because they asked that he not act like a fool. He stunk because he couldn’t grasp the playbook, end of story. The Patriots gave him every opportunity to do so. It’s no ones fault but his that he got cut. I have nothing against him, I actually think he’s a good guy. But let’s get past this notion that he was bad last year because the Patriots didn’t “let him be himself”.

  12. Owner Stephen Ross is making a mockery of a once proud franchise. He cares about $$$$ first and foremost. Just look at his antics…. Celebrity investors, Reggie Bush, HBO hard knocks(when no other team likes it) & now OchoCinco….all gimmicks to sell tickets. Shula & Marino need to save this franchise!!

  13. He’s no longer a Patriot. Can you please stop putting all these nonsense posts about him on the Pats board? Sick of Chad.

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