Richardson eyes a workhorse role


Last night, our long-haired (sources close to the situation say he may no longer be long-haired) frenemy Alex Marvez of posted a blurb regarding his interview last week with Browns running back Trent Richardson.  This morning, we posted a blurb about Richardson’s desire, as a practical matter, to supplant Jim Brown in the pantheon of Cleveland sports stars.

Marvez, who apparently presumes his job duties include external editor of PFT, suggested that I overlooked a particularly newsy nugget in the interview summary.  I then suggested to Marvez if he didn’t act like he was paid by the word when writing these things up, maybe I would have noticed.

Anyway. . . .

As Richardson commences the process of tackling the legend of Jim Brown, Richardson expects to get plenty of chances to touch the football.

“They’re doing a lot of stuff with me as far as coming out of the backfield,” Richardson said. “They’re really putting me out there to showcase everything.

“There ain’t no sugarcoating.  I’m going to get the ball.  I’m going to catch the ball.  I’m going to block.  I’m going to do everything I can and they’re going to put me in the best situation.  I want to be that guy they don’t have to take off the field.”

That’s no surprise, given that the Browns moved from No. 4 to No. 3 to get him.  In this era of interchangeable tailbacks, only the truly elite merit being drafted so high.

And so the real question becomes whether Richardson can be effective and stay healthy.  If he can do both, maybe he really will be one of the best things to ever happen to Cleveland.