Richardson wants to supplant Jim Brown

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Browns running back Trent Richardson doesn’t simply want to land in the Hall of Fame.  He also hopes to have the corner office in Cleveland’s Mt. Rushmore.

Which necessarily means knocking Jim Brown off the top of the hill.

“I want to be the best thing that ever happened to Cleveland,” Richardson told Alex Marvez of last week at the Rookie Symposium.  “I want to be that type of all-time guy when it comes down to it.”

That’s the type of all-time guy that Brown was and still is.  Which means that, even though Richardson didn’t say so, he’s looking to build a bigger and better legacy than Brown.

To get there, Richardson will need to win championships.  Brown led the Browns to only one, part of a paltry career postseason record of 1-3.  And Brown didn’t win any Super Bowls because he retired the last year before the Super Bowl era began, at the age of 29.  (The Browns were competitive without him from 1966 through 1969, which means that perhaps he could have pushed them over the top in his early 30s.)

Richardson — and the Browns — have a long way to go before they can even whisper “Super Bowl.”  But maybe Brown has been throwing water on Richardson’s potential because Brown knows that all it will take is one Super Bowl win to push Brown from the top shelf of Cleveland legends.

25 responses to “Richardson wants to supplant Jim Brown

  1. Hold your horses there fella…When it comes to play on the field, you don’t get any better than Jim Brown. Let’s just get through training camp first and see how things work out.

  2. As a Browns fan, I would love to see Jim Brown and his records totally blown up by Trent Richardson. And, as for pushing Brown off of some shelf…I think the Terminal Tower would be far more appropriate…and effective.

  3. Richardson has had an amazing career, and has done enough to warrant such comments from himself, because…..wait, hold on…has this guy even played a snap of professional football yet (getting paid under the table in college not withstanding)? Huh. I guess he should actually play a few snaps first.

  4. This Richardson Vs Brown, Brown Vs Richardson is getting very very old! And I’m not a Browns fan.

  5. It’s great to have high goals and aspirations. Richardson was a very good RB in college and may be also in the NFL, but there’s at least 50 or so he has to jump over to get to Jim Brown – no doubt the GOAT.

    Good luck.

  6. If Jim Brown keeps running his peter puffer insulting people, he’s goin to lose respect of players & fans. Nobody likes a grumpy old has been, bumping his gums about EVERYTHING! Besides, Richardson is going to have a hard enough time carrying that “team”, & I use that term loosely, as I’ve never saw such a pile of mass confusion & failure as the Cleveland Browns have been as of late. They are just awful.

  7. Richardson may talk high goals but his odds of even being in the league five years down the road are not good. His odds of being a ‘great one’ are even slimmer.

    Only in Cleveland & a few other sparse areas is Jim Brown seen as “thee” NFL icon. For those of us who lived through his career saw just another RB (albeit, a good one) who time after time finished ‘out of the money’.

    Winning championships is still the ultimate goal.

  8. I could live with averages better than 5.2 yards/carry and 104.3 yards/game for a career. You’d see the entire league go from passing to running again.

  9. I honestly don’t see the point of Jim Brown’s continued negativity. If you’re not gonna cheer for your team, get outta the stadium!

  10. I always thought Brown’s on field talents paled in comaprison to his brilliant early UFC commentary.

  11. Ya, good luck with that.

    I admire his attitude, he SHOULD strive to be the best ever, but man, lets see if you can play in the NFL at all and take it from there.

  12. jim brown hasn’t played in over 40 years. people forget how truly great he was.

    you can’t talk your way to the hall of fame. i like trent but (like him or not) there’s not a lot of guys that can do what jim brown did back in the day when everyone knew who the ball was going to.

  13. All you clowns sniping at Richardson about not doing anything in the pros yet need to read (if you can) the article again. He says he wants,
    NOT, is going to be bigger than Brown. No smack talk here-the kid just wants to be successful.

  14. I like Richardson……but can he run 100 yards across a French Chateau’s courtyard, dropping grenades into air vents every 15 yards? Possibly.

    But how about with bullets flying all around while doing it? Maybe.

    And doing it all while being yelled at by Lee Marvin? Nope….can’t see that!

  15. Trent has to remember he’s not in the SEC anymore. In the nfl when you lose you go home, you don’t get voted into the super bowl anyway simply because ESPN signed a deal with your conference and hypes you 24-7.

  16. If Richardson just could’ve taken the high road on this he would’ve been fine BUT he had to keep opening his mouth and fuel to this non story for further criticism. Maybe just say I respect his opinion and hopefully he has a different opinion of me when my career is over. These athletes just can’t resist the attention.

  17. Ok, here’s the deal. Jim Brown is a mean spirited, bitter old man. Richardson said only what you’d expect him to say as a Browns fan.
    Jim Brown was great during his time. He should think back to when he first started and ask himself how he’d would have reacted if someone said that crap about him before he had a chance to prove himself. Think about this Jim Brown. Your record breaker could have Lined up next to you in the backfield if it wasn’t for the tragic news of being diagnosed with cancer in 1962. He didn’t get the chance that Richardson is seeking. I do think Ernie Davis would have been better than Brown, but we’ll never know.
    Richardson has been class since he was drafted by the Browns. Jim, go read a book and enjoy the rest of your life and quit trying to remain relevant by saying stupid things to the media. Let Richardson have his shot without you trying to lay the pipe for him before he gets the chance.

  18. As a life long GIANTS fan (since 1955) and having seen Jim Brown play, Trent Richardson at this stage of his career, wouldnt be allowed to carry Jim Browns jock strap.

  19. Aiming to be better than Jim Brown is a lot better than trying to be better than ..let’s say -Kevin Mack or Earnest Byner

  20. Trent, you won’t be averaging 104 yards a game unless they have another divisional re-alignment.
    You got 4 games vs the Steelers and Ravens every year. Not happening dude.

  21. What’s so wrong with him saying he wants to be the best thing that ever happened to Cleveland? We need someone with some type of attitude. The media just tries to make more out of it. Let’s go browns!!!

  22. It’s going to take a lot more than a Super Bowl win to push off Brown from his position in the annals of the NFL. It will take a dominant runner that is head and shoulders above all competition. Jim Brown was that kind of player. In my opinion, Richardson, might bring memories of Brown, but will not be that dominant player.

  23. Confidence is nice, but T-Rich is doing WAY too much yapping for someone who hasn’t played a snap yet. I’m a Browns fan and I certainly HOPE that he does everything he says he’s going to do, but it sets off alarm bells when you hear some guy doing so much talking before he actually does anything. There have been LOTS of guys who could TALK a good game. First, show us you can play. THEN talk.

    As for Jim Brown, people are being too hard on him. Growing old is no fun, and can put anybody into a bad mood. If he feels the need to remind people of just how great he was when he was young, let him. Hey, it’s not like he’s lying. He truly was great.

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