Sonny and Sam coming back, but Huff will be part-time

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One of the true monuments of Washington is going to be part-time this year.

Red Zebra Broadcasting announced Tuesday that legendary Redskins announcers Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff would return to the broadcast team this year, but that Huff would work just 12 games.

Citing “the rigors of travel,” the release said Huff has decided to do only the 10 home games and road trips to Dallas and New York.

“Sonny and Sam” have worked together since 1981, a span of 600 broadcasts which includes all three Super Bowl wins.

While not the most polished of broadcasters, they bring a sense of old-school levity to the process.

Larry Michael returns as the play-by-play/straight man, and Rick “Doc” Walker will provide sideline commentary.

5 responses to “Sonny and Sam coming back, but Huff will be part-time

  1. Their broadcast team is awful. I never heard more jibberish, crazy criticisms, and off the wall ideas than from those guys.

    It’s especially hillarious to listen to them yammer on while the play by play guy tries to call the action on the field straight. Probably the only rival to their act is what Jacksonville used to roll out there back in the early 2000’s (don’t know if the team is the same these days).

  2. Any Skins fan that has listened to Sam on the broadcast over the last couple years (especially last season) shouldn’t be surprised by this announcement. Sam hasn’t been as “sharp” as Sonny and Larry Michaels. Almost to the point of being painful to listen to. Hopefully a reduced schedule will keep Sam with the Skins well into the future. I’d give him a 50/50 shot of improving though, unfortunately.

    Being 36 years old, and a Skins fan for the majority of my life, Sonny, Sam and Frank is what I grew up with. Losing Frank was tough, but Sonny and Sam made up for it. Sonny and Sam aren’t getting any younger though. Us Skins fans that love them need to enjoy things while they last.

  3. If you aren’t a Skins fan, I’m sure they sound ridiculous, but we like em. Dumping Frank however, was one of Dannys biggest gaffes. Akin to Angelos dumping Jon Miller.

    I’m sure Larry Michael is a fine person but he is no Frank and he is a Dan Snyder mouthpiece/puppet.

  4. I find it hard to believe there’s a worse radio booth in the league. And that’s coming from a Skins fan. Clean house and get some guys in there that can actually break down a game.

  5. It’s like watching the game with your Grandfather. You’re not listening for the nfl on fox facts, you’re listening for a perspective of the game from 2 old school hall of famers. Enjoy them while you can

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