Broncos players visit firefighters battling Colorado wildfire

Getty Images

The Broncos opened up their wallets to help those affected by the wildfires raging in Colorado last week and they spent Tuesday giving their time as well.

A group of Broncos players, joined by cheerleaders and the team mascot, visited firefighters battling the fires in Colorado Springs. The players got a tour of the command center, had dinner with the firefighters and signed autographs to help lighten the mood for a little bit. It was the second visit to firefighters after a trip to Fort Collins last week.

“The reaction was incredible,” fullback Chris Gronkowski said, via the team’s website. “A lot of the guys out here said it was the first time people had come down to see them so they were real appreciative. At the same time, we saw what they were doing. We learned about the fires and the whole process – 16-hour shifts with eight-hour breaks that they’re sleeping in the dirt in their tents out here.”

Among the Broncos in attendance was defensive end Ben Garland, who attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Garland’s grandparents lost their home to the Waldo Canyon fire being fought by the firefighters that the Broncos visited on Tuesday, but he got to thank them for saving the homes of other family members affected by the blaze.

“They were excited to see us,” Garland said. “But it really was our honor to meet them and greet them and see those firefighters out there protecting my family’s homes.”