Colt McCoy: I want to finish what I started in Cleveland


It’s widely believed that first-round draft pick Brandon Weeden is the quarterback of the future in Cleveland, and that Colt McCoy doesn’t have much of a future with the Browns. But McCoy doesn’t see it that way.

McCoy, who’s back home in Texas this week running a youth football camp, told the Abilene Reporter-News that he’s still holding out hope that he can be the Browns’ franchise quarterback, and looking forward to a future in Cleveland.

I really like Cleveland,” McCoy said. “I’ve always been a guy that wants to finish what he starts.”

McCoy said all he wants is the opportunity to compete with Weeden and Seneca Wallace and prove that he’s the Browns’ best bet at quarterback.

“That’s part of my nature,” McCoy said. “You’re getting everything I have, whether that’s working, preparing, studying or practicing. Unfortunately, a lot of things are out of my control. The main thing for me is not to worry about those things I can’t control. I have to go in, do my job and have high character and compete my tail off, if the opportunity’s available. Other than that, there’s not much you can do. So that’s what I try to do every day.”

Still, McCoy seems to realize that the Browns want an upgrade over what he has provided them.

“It’s been a rough ride thus far,” McCoy said. “We’ve had our ups and downs. I’ve had three [offensive] coordinators going into my third year. Two head coaches in two years. There’s been some ups and downs and things you have to fight through. Most are things out of your control. But for me, I would just like a little consistency. I love the town. I love the fans. I think they truly deserve a winning football team. That’s what I want to do. I want to be there for the ride of turning that thing around. We’ll see what happens.”

What we’ll probably see is McCoy leaving Cleveland. But he’s not ready for that.

53 responses to “Colt McCoy: I want to finish what I started in Cleveland

  1. This is just so silly…I don’t get why they would want to trade him and not get rid of Wallace. He’s younger and cheaper or close to the same price and he’s a better teammate. There has to be more to this.

  2. 1) very few people care about how you want your career to be in Cleveland
    2) you aren’t good enough to be the starter
    c) if you are fine with being the 3rd qb or practice squad, then fine…finish what “Cleveland” started by drafting you

  3. Just leave bro. The Browns suck and will always suck. Bad management permeates an organization down to it’s core. Just like the Bungles.

  4. londonbengal says:

    Yeah; we all want McCoy to be the starting Browns QB next season too……


    the rest of the AFC North….


    Weeden scares you that much, huh? He should! Why don’t you just come right out and state that, instead of bashing a hard-working and dedicated young man? Classless Bengals fan.

  5. Relax, you will get to finish it. They will trade you then its finished.

    This story really goes to show you how much the culture of football needs to change on the concussions issue. this all happened because colts father was upset they sent him back into the game severely concussed.

    We see it every week from our homes, and even the stands. A player goes limp on a hit to the head and lays motionless on the field. Shortly thereafter he returns to the game.

    So sick of this crap where after the game the coach says “he has concussion like symptoms”. Hmmmmm lets see, he took a huge hit to the head, was unconscious for several seconds, and now has “concussion LIKE syptoms”, sounds like a concussion to me.

    I didn’t let concussions stop me from skiing and snowboarding for fun, i sure don’t expect these guys to let it stop them from earning a living.

    The league, teams, and coaches need to create an environment where a player not to go back into a game after a concussion will be considered a smart career move, not a bad one.

    This concussion issue is serious. it made me pass up a perfectly could chance to make fun of Colt McCoy (he sounds like a crime fighting dog, doesn’t he?)

  6. Just think about what he stated: Three Off. Coor’s. in three years; two head coaches. And, that doesn’t even include Holmgren, the whiner. He has had very little attached talent, as well. All in all, I think the jury is still out and no indication of when they will return. BTW, along the same lines, watch Fitzpatrick this year, as he will probably be one of the top qb’s in the league when it’s over. Reason? He finally has some help.

  7. Colt I think you’re awesome, and as a Oklahoma fan I say that through gritted teeth. But the Browns need someone that they can hang their hat on so they can start building the rest of their team and unfortunately you’re just not the guy right now.

  8. He really will finish where he started. Third string QB, hoping the two in front get injured. Sorry Colt, you’re a good kid and you will make a great coach, but you just don’t have the talent Weeden has.

  9. C’mon, Andy. Throw them a 7th for this kid. Drop Trent Edwards and install Colt as the #2 behind Vick. Coach him up, make him look good, and whats the worst that happens? He’s better than Vince Young, because he knows how to write his own name at least.

    Mike Kafka has not shown you ANYTHING in live fire. Hell, dump him too. Roll with Foles, McCoy and Vick.

  10. I still think Dallas should make a play for this guy. He is winner and has never had WRs or even a consistent running game, except for Hillis’ 1 year where he averaged 70 yards a game.

  11. It is so sad that players like Kordell Stewart, David Garrard, and Tavaris Jackson are given every opportunity to keep their jobs, and they had much better talent around them and they still failed.

    Colt has EARNED his place on the team and deserves to keep it. If they trade him and Weeden falls on his face then I will laugh my backside off.

    If the Browns were smart they’d build up that defense as strong as they can, develop an special teams unit, and then work on a power offense.

  12. I remember the Chargers giving up on Drew Brees and rolling the dice on Phillip Rivers instead. Bountygate aside, it’s worked pretty well for Brees…and I am NOT an Aints fan. Colt had a good collegiate career. Sure, that hasn’t transferred over to the NFL as of yet, but Brees hadn’t either and, are we forgetting this IS Cleveland we’re talking about here? Since Hill is not under a long contract in Detroit I would LOVE to see him sign on behind Stafford, come in for some mop up duty here and there and look pretty decent throwing to guys like Titus Young etc.

  13. Appears that you and your daddy’s bias evaluation
    of your skill level has come home to roost. That self promotion crapola works at the college level occasionally, but at this level talent talks, and BS walks!

  14. If the Browns want to be a good team in three years and for longer, then Weeden isn’t the answer because he’ll be just another aging QB in three years. Here’s what the Browns need to do to be good in three years….

    1. Tank the season by going 1-15 (which shouldn’t be hard for Cleveland to do).

    2. Hire a Super Bowl winning coach who also knows the division. His name is Brian Billick.

    3. Draft Matt Barkley.

    I don’t see how this is so hard.

  15. I’ve not got an opinion on him. Other than nobody is going to give up a draft pick for him. They know he will be cut if not traded. But as far as how I rate him as a QB…I can’t. The Browns offense was so terrible last year, I just can’t judge his performance based on that. Too many bad WRs not running routes the right way, dropping passes. Missed blocking assignments, no running game. I mean nothing you’d expect to see with a young QB you are not sure about. I find it hard to judge his performance. How much of it was Colt and how much of it was the team.

  16. @darthhitman77: You’ve got the Brees situation wrong. Rivers held out all the way into the preseason as a rookie, which allowed Brees to stay the starter. Then Brees proved her deserves to be the starter, & the Chargers franchises him when his contract was up. Then they tried to re-sign him, but he decided to sign with the Saints for more guaranteed money. Plus, McCoy doesn’t have the arm strength that Brees does, so the comparisons between those two are flawed.

    I say this as a Browns fan who likes McCoy, & wishes the team would just cut Wallace, & hang onto McCoy. I just don’t think McCoy is destined for a Brees-type career.

  17. The Browns don’t deserve Colt McCoy. They haven’t given him ANY offensive weapons to work with and sent him back into the Steelers game with an obvious concussion. McCoy’s desire to stick with the Browns speaks to his character….he’s not afraid of a challenge and won’t quit. However, McCoy won’t get a chance to show how good he really is until he’s with another team. Do I believe McCoy is the next Tom Brady or Drew Brees? No. But I do believe he’ll become a good QB if given another chance.

  18. It’s been a freaking zoo in Cleveland since Colt arrived. I don’t know if he has the physical tools to be a starting QB in the NFL, but he has not gotten a real chance either. Starting Colt was like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.

    If Colt had been drafted by a solid team with stable management, proven coaches and legitimate tools to work with, I believe he could have developed into a “decent” QB. However, the situation in Cleveland was simply unfair to him.

    I believe if the Browns kept McCoy and released Wallace, it would pay off down the road. But, between all of the egos in the Front Office, he’s probably better off going to someplace like Green Bay, Chicago, or even Dallas.

    He’s a good guy and deserves better….and this coming from a lifelong Browns fan. 🙂

  19. I’m a steelers fan and I always liked this kid. I think he’s got what it takes and he has a great attitude. Here’s an idea, get him some receivers that can catch the freaking ball!!!!!!

  20. @ ‘joemammy’……


    Relax man; I’m just stating the obvious. There has been plenty of scuttlebutt from Brownieland that Weedon might get the starting gig up there. Good for him. I got no problem with Colt either, he’s just another young guy trying to win for Cleveland. Good for him too…..

    Just looking at the limited video I’ve seen of Weedon, yes; he looks a better QB than McCoy, but what the hell do I know, the pro coaches up in Berea will make that decision. No one knows how Weedon will perform dodging real live bullets.

    I just think right now, the Bengals have a better chance of beating the Browns next year with McCoy pulling the levers; but thats a long ways off right now.

    OBTW, Happy 4th July America !!!!!

  21. pspring63 says:Jul 4, 2012 3:41 PM

    He’s a tough kid. I like his moxie. Is he good enough? Hard question to answer. Let’s just see what Weeden has.


    Colt is tough? Did you not watch the NCAA title game against Alabama? Colt McCoy straight up quit on his team, no doubt about it. Look at QB’s like Philip River or (hate to say it) Ben Roethlisberger. They go out and give 100%, shot knees, busted arms, it don’t matter. McCoy is not that guy, he was never tough enough, mentally or physically for the NFL…

  22. Colt McCoy is a tough kid, period. His arm in bad weather is a problem. Weeden won’t have that problem, but won’t have the experience McCoy has gathered up till now. I do think the Browns are going with Weeden and Wallace is an okay spot starter and decent athlete for a back up. Colt will get a chance to play elsewhere and I’ll will root for him.

  23. Great kid, Colt McCoy. That said, Cleveland didn’t take a qb in the 1st round to compete
    with Colt.

  24. Umm londonbengal?

    Ask NE and NO if they want McCoy to start?

    I mean could it be because he slapped some fat “L’s” on their azzzes 2 years ago?

  25. Can someone tell McCoy, Wallace and Weeden that they’re the Scotty Pippen to Trent Richardson’s Micheal Jordan on that team.

    The guy that can complete a handoff with the least amount of fumbles and complete the most 5 yard dump offs gets the starting gig. Case Closed.

  26. You can add Shurmur, Holmgrem and most of the Browns receivers to the “finished” list after this season.

  27. Bottom Line is Colt has and is getting a RAW f/n deal here.First like he stated..3 oc’s and 2 HC’s since he has been here! Unless your Montana and guys of that caliber thats gonna F with you.TThen and probably more important is we had to of had one of the worst WR groups in NFL history last yr.I dont remember the number be we lead the league in drops by ALOT.we have no #1 and a debatable #2 and the rest are 4th WR.Our RB situation was a joke last yr and last but not least our R side was horrific!! Im surprised he lasted as long as he did w/o getting hurt! We didnt really improve on either of those posistions either.i dont care how much stronger Weedens arm is..if he cant out run or make the WR’s catch the ball he is in for thte same fate as Colt and we will end up spending another 1st round pick on Barkley next yr and this city will have Holmgrens and Heckertts balls

  28. Im not a browns fan by Any means but I am a colt McCoy fan. but there’s two main types of qbs in the league a scrambler and a pocket passer and McCoy is not a scrambler but a pocket passer does no good when he has nobody too throw it to

  29. You didn’t start anything, shut up and move on. This guy gets way too much publicity for a third round pick who doesn’t have the skillset to have success in the NFL unless he works hard as a backup for a few years.

  30. I thought Colt would’ve been a good QB coming out of college.But it seems the Browns org can turn anything into stool.

    Maybe a better medical staff and more effort by their owners? It just seems that they cannot get out of that “mediocre” area no matter what they do.

  31. McCoy has never had much to work with in Cleveland. With a good supporting cast around him he could be a solid QB could help a team win some games. But that likely won’t happen soon. He will probably have to go be a backup some place that has some talent (Say Philly for example) then he can show what he’s capable of doing when the guy ahead of him gets injured. From that (hypothetical) point I think McCoy could prove his worth and remain a starter. Either way he is a good guy, so hopefully he can be successful.

  32. A qb that needs more weapons is a very flawed qb. QBs are judged on by two categories, wins and stats, and he has neither. I watched this kid give up on his team in the national champion game against Alabama. He doesn’t have a heart of a champion and doesn’t have the mind and the arm of an NFL qb.

  33. McCoy, if you remember, had a hugely decorated college career. Funny thing, he did not get drafted till the 3rd round. Why?

    He is short for a QB and a average arm at best. Very mobile, good character, good moxie.

    He had played, considering talent and division, about right where he was drafted and his situation he has been placed in.

    Bigger question is how good is Weeden?

    I agree with the poster who wrote he should go to Philly. I think he would do well there.

  34. If Weeden ends up being the next Chris Weinke…McCoy will get his chance. If McCoy fails…Barkley will be the next QB of the Cleveland Browns.

  35. At what point do people get tired of this annual issue in Cleveland on QBs?

    Weeden will gt run out of town too in 3 years when he’s on his 2nd coach and 3rd coordinator.

    Seriously. How many years has it been? Geez. I feel sorry for Browns fans.

  36. To further expound to show the frustration:

    Tim Couch is our man. Franchise qb. Scratch that. We love Derek Anderson. Scratch that. we will build around Brady Quinn. Oops. Let’s trade up for MCcoy. He’s our future.

    Brandon Weeden is our future. Trust us. We have never led you wrong. Keep buying tickets and lining our pockets.

  37. To those saying Colt quit on his team in the national championship game a few years back, you can’t base everything on your impressions of the TV coverage. Sure, it looked like a minor injury. Sure, he didn’t look like he was in major pain on the sidelines. It’s because he wasn’t in major pain. It wasn’t a significant injury, structurally. He lost all feeling in that arm, though. You can’t throw a football if you can’t feel your arm or grip the ball, people.

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