Martellus Bennett doesn’t miss Tony Romo

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When tight end Martellus Bennett was with the Cowboys, he was a lot better known for giving good quotes than he was for catching passes.

According to Bennett, that’s because Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo played favorites with the offense. During an interview with Mike Garofolo of the Newark Star-Ledger, brought to our attention by, Bennett was asked what made Eli Manning an unselfish quarterback. The answer shed more light on Romo than it did on Manning.

“Just his approach. I mean, he’s just looking for the open guy. It doesn’t matter who it is or what number you are. If you’re open, he’s going to hit you. You have to be ready,” Bennett said. “That’s what makes it so fun playing in this offense because anytime you beat your guy, you know you could get the ball. …  Every quarterback has one or two guys they go to on most teams. But here, it’s not really like that.”

Bennett’s disdain for Romo isn’t much of a surprise. Some of those aforementioned good quotes came when Bennett suggested Romo should compete with Jon Kitna for the starting job in Dallas.

The Cowboys passing game was a bit more spread out last season, but previous years did see Jason Witten and the top wide receiver (Miles Austin or Terrell Owens) catching the lion’s share of the balls. That’s something easily explained by a lack of talent behind them in several seasons, however, and Dez Bryant’s improvement should flatten the Earth even more. Either way, allusions to the contrary should probably not be made by those who dropped way too many of the balls thrown in his direction to complain about not getting enough of them.

29 responses to “Martellus Bennett doesn’t miss Tony Romo

  1. Bennett is a 291 lb whiny turd. Romo through the ball to guys who could actually catch and do something

  2. Well Martellus, if you hadn’t been so lazy, caught the ball when it was thrown to you, and just tried to be a professional, you wouldn’t feel the need to dish out sour apples now.

  3. Yes Romo plays favorites. He likes to throw the ball to people who can actually catch the ball.
    Oddly enough, a third string tight end wasn’t that guy.

  4. This coming from a Blocking Tight End….

    Ran his mouth more than he played ball in Dallas.

    Good luck with him, NY…

  5. As usual, Marty B should really just shut up. And I’m sick of hearing “he wasn’t given opportunities” and “they didn’t use him right.” No, he had opportunities. What he didn’t have was the ability to consistently run correct routes and hold on to the football. So if by “playing favorites” he means “throwing to guys who are more reliable” …then sure, Romo “played favorites.”

  6. I don’t imagine that there are too many Cowboys players/coaches/fans who are sad to see the 291-pound Bennett playing elsewhere. The only thing larger than his waistline is his mouth. Underachieving, out-of-shape malcontents are exactly what the Cowboys don’t need if they’re to turn things around.

  7. If Bennett would catch whatever Romo threw his way he would be targeted more. Bennett is garbage.

  8. I’m sure Romo doesn’t miss having a lazy, good for nothing tight end who can’t catch. Forgotten is the fact that Bennett was beat out at the #2 tight end spot by John Phillips.

  9. Hmmmm, last time I saw Bennett do anything was get hit in the face mask by a football and then tip it into Asomugha’s hands. Dallas is glad this retard is gone, should’ve traded this scumbag to the Bengals.

  10. And this is coming from someone was more of a clown in Dallas than a football player. Dude You’re in New York now make the best of that shut your mouth and you just might turn out to be a football player or you might learn something besides beening a moran

  11. Sorry, but this dude stunk like hot garbage in Dallas. It wasn’t Romo. He was not open very often and there was only about a 50% chance he would catch the ball when it was thrown to him. He should shut up and be happy with the situation he finds himself in rather than tossing stones at his old team.

  12. At close to 300lbs he should work at his blocking because unless he can lose weight he’ll either be O Tackle or looking for work.

  13. Im with Tony on this one,,,, Martellus is a lazy receiver/ TE who had to be pushed to get his ass in gear. I wouldnt throw to him either.
    Good luck with him Giants, your going to need it!

  14. As a Cowboy fan, I think Bennett definitely underachieved and dropped catchable balls. That being said, Witten has always been the “teacher’s pet” with Garrett/Romo and had a lot of influence getting TO cut, after some excellent seasons. Romo always looks for Witten to a fault and I will never forget when Witten was run out of bounds by Leonard of the Jets on the 1 – Witten outweighs him by 80 lbs – lost them the game. Witten, aside from the helmet-less play vs. the Eagles, always looks over his shoulder, slows down and is easy to tackle for a NFL TE. He has some strong numbers, but a lot of targets too.

  15. So what’s the policy for Cowboys who hate Tony Romo, go the Giants and rip him there?

    Chris Canty said “no comment” when asked if Tony Romo was overrated.

  16. Canty is smart to reserve comments regarding anybody else being overrated.

  17. I didn’t even know he had gone to the Giants that’s how much could give a rats’ a$$ about this slouch and piss poor excuse for a pro football player! I used to see him in night clubs at least 2 to 3 times a month drinking so that says it all….kick rocks “Marty B”!

  18. Jul 4, 2012 11:54 AM

    @ One things for sure: Bennett’s numbers in December are going to be a lot better.

    yeah, last year in December Romo’s threw for 10 td’s and 1 int, Eli 9td’s, 6 ints, NY just won in December because their defense stepped up.

    Now if you had said Bennett’s numbers in the playoffs would be better you’d have a point.

  19. Many good qbs have “favorites” just look at Tom Brady, Aaron, and Brees. They all have go-to receivers. Even Matthew stafford has a go-to in megatron. Martellus doesn’t even know football and doesn’t understand the concept of getting open and executing, or even proving himself as a reliable receiving tight end. He thinks that if he has Eli as a qb he’s gonna get more passes because Eli is “unselfish.” now how the f*ck-hell is romo selfish if he’s one of the few players on the team from last season that actually wanted it when it mattered the most? And I don’t see how it’s selfish when you put yourself through the fourth quarter and a drive in overtime with a punctured lung and broken rib to help your team win the game.

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