Philbin calls writer to defend his integrity


Every football coach will, from time to time, massage the truth for strategic reasons.

Coaches are most inclined to do so when it comes to injuries, especially during that portion of the calendar when there’s no obligation to say anything to anyone about who is hurt and how long they’ll be unavailable or otherwise limited.  The league doesn’t require teams to utter a word about injured players until the filing of the first practice report prior to Week One.

So a little lying goes with the territory.  It’s an extension of the deception that occurs on the field, when trying to fool the opponent into thinking that the offense or the defense or the special teams will be doing something other than what it appears the offense or the defense or the special teams will be doing.

Recently, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin took full advantage of the absence of offseason injury-reporting rules by opting not to disclose that receiver Brian Hartline was absent from a mandatory minicamp because had undergone surgery for an appendectomy.  Instead, Philbin said that Hartline had a “personal issue,” which technically is true.  With ever-increasing sensitivity regarding the disclosure of medical information by persons other than the patient, it was a prudent move.

Once Hartline acknowledged on WQAM radio that he had undergone the surgical removal of a useless organ that inexplicably can become infected and, if not thereafter removed, explode into a mess of goo that, if not thereafter cleaned up, lead to death, Brian Briggane of the Palm Beach Post called Philbin out for not being honest about the situation.

And so Philbin called Briggane upOn the telephone.

Philbin believed that Briggane had accused the first-year head coach of being disingenuous and/or flat-out lying.  Philbin explained that, since it wasn’t an injury but a medical condition, he decided to apply the term “personal issue.”  Briggane explains in his latest post on the matter that he regards “personal issue” as a family issue or some other circumstance unrelated to the specific status of the player’s person.

Reasonable minds can differ on this one, but we think it was reasonable for Philbin to handle the situation the way that he did.

Some will say Philbin should show thicker skin.  But Philbin apparently plans not to gripe directly to members of the media regarding commentary that focuses on his primary job duties.

“I’ll have no problem with you criticizing my coaching abilities, and I figure you’ll get the chance to do that pretty soon,” Philbin told Briggane.

We definitely will, starting with the debut of Hard Knocks in little more than a month.

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  1. I agree with Philbin. This puts the press on notice from the start that Philbin won’t tolerate cheap shots, which they hopefully remember throughout the rest of the season. Hope it works!

  2. Just another reporter who wants to definel/apply the 1st amendment however he wants.

  3. Philbin is right and this information could be protected by the HIAPP law. Its best to be cautious than violate someone’s protected rights.

  4. Kudos to Coach Philbin!

    Who is Briggane to insist on what “personal issue” should, or shouldn’t mean? If Hartline had a cancerous growth or terminal disease would Philbin just disclose it or give a hint as to what the problem was? No.

    Appendicitis is a serious issue that causes death if not taken care of right away. The person affected needs time to recover. And it’s completely unrelated to football. So Philbin felt that it wasn’t his duty to disclose.

    And if anyone is in tune to the importance of human life and how little football matters in relation to it, it’s Coach Philbin…

  5. What the f@$k? Are you kidding me. This reporter should have to shower naked next to jake long and Hartline and see what integrity is all about.

  6. Hartline’s condition probably would not be described as a “personal issue” by most people, but it’s really not a big deal.

    The bigger deal is the fact that Ross signed Miami up for Hard Knocks, and then had his underlings (Ireland and Philbin) try to claim that it was a football decision. Furthermore, they claimed they had to talk Ross into allowing it. Yeah, right.

    Now that’s the kind of garbage that should cause people to doubt someone’s truthfulness. I believe Philbin is a man of integrity, and working for Ross tests that integrity continuously.

  7. Palm Beach Post reports that Brian Briggane is out with “personal issues”. Other sources indicate that he is having his foot surgically removed from his mouth.

  8. I read his original article charging the coach with lying. I noted at the bottom of the article for this supposed writer to perform the appropriate research before accusing anyone of such transgressions. HIPAA laws protect medical information. IF the supposed writer in question had any knowledge of what he was talking about, he would have know that Philbin was protecting medical information.

    If he had divulged such information without prior approval he would have been in violation of the law—which by chance would have been the NEW topic of Briggame’s ridiculous article.

    POOR journalism and should be given time off for stupid behavior.

  9. I don’t think it was any of the reporters business. So what if the coach told him it was a personal issue, it isn’t the coach’s place to discuss those type things. I think the coach took the safe route, I would have told the reporter that it wasn’t a football issue, therefore it isn’t any of his business.

    What is it with the press over the last 10 years or so…. They come off as so entitled to have thier noses up someone’s ass at all times. I just don’t get it

  10. Unlike the South Florida press pundits , PFT got this one right , in my opinion.
    If you happen to be a Dolphins fan , you’re probably both amused and somewhat disappointed in the manner in which the team has been piled on by both fans and the press this offseason. Even though they probably knew they never had a realistic shot at Manning , they gamely went after him anyway. They were then slammed with gusto for not mortgaging the farm for Matt Flynn , who is now in a three way battle with a free agent pickup from a year ago and a third round rookie for the starting QB position. Most recently , a wide receiver whom the Redskins offered two number one picks for just a few years ago is now viewed as being completely useless because he’ll be playing in Miami this season.
    I’m not suggesting the team doesn’t deserve criticism , but the franchise is either down and out , like Buffalo , Oakland and Cleveland , and therefore probably not even worthy of this kind of scrutiny , or they’re a premier franchise that has fallen on hard times , like Dallas or Philadelphia ; you can’t have it both ways.

  11. Hey Briggane, are you in 2nd grade again? Wah Philbin lied to me and my feelings are hurt. You want to make a name for yourself, report on something fans care about. Get a life!!

  12. Philbin is very high classed and I loved that he called Biggane to set the record straight. Check out the original Palm Beach Post article, the part where he called Philbin a liar has been removed. Mr. Biggane has been having a very bad past 24 hours. First Philbin confronts him directly and than Jason La Canfora wrote an article bashing him for speculating that Tannehill was not in the running for the starting job. This was very poor journalism by Biggane and I hope he reevaluate his career.

  13. 1.Philbin is 100% right here, the head coach of a football organization does not owe anything to the press, but owes everything to his players.

    2.Non-football related medical issues are personal matters. The last thing Hartline needs is some yuppy reporter knocking on his door while he’s recovering from major surgery.

    3. No where in the first amendment does it say that the press have a right to any information, only that they are free to express any point of view without governmental reprimand.

  14. OH PLEASE. Enough with these reporters and their sense of entitlement; what law says everyone must tell reporters everything just because they ask? GET OVER YOURSELF. Nobody cares about you reporters. Jason La Canfora used to pull this kind of sh!t as beat reporter in Washington. When a coach/executive didn’t give him as complete of an answer as he wanted for his “story” he would rip said person, calling him a liar, etc. As if they should throw best interest of the team out the window just so some chubby moron can advance his own name and make large sums of money off the backs of the real people who drive NFL interest and revenue. Nobody is buying a Jason La Canfora jersey anytime soon, and nobody gives a sh!t about Brian Briggane either. I’m sure Dolphin fans want WINS, and if Joe Philbin has to not give a reporter a story to advance the cause of that, then GOOD FOR HIM. So sick of the media thinking they are the stars of the show, and the coaches, players, and executives around the league must answer any and all questions, and give them whatever information they want. And when this doesn’t happen, they throw their dumb little temper tantrums and rip these guys in their dumb blogs that a dozen people or so might read. Brian Briggane should thank Joe Philbin and anyone else who gives him their time, as without them this dope would be taking my order at the Burger King drive-thru.

  15. In every occupation there’s a group of individuals that soil the reputation of the occupation. Reporters with vendatas fall under this.

  16. Kevin Kolb is the starting quarterback. . . . Sean McDermott won’t be fired. . . . Yeah, it’s the same thing.

  17. “Personal Issue” is not only deceptive, but it opens up as many problems as it supposedly “solves.”

    Now media can speculate… is he suffering from depression? Was there a death in the family? Marital issues?

    Advice for Philbin and those who support his choice of words… when in doubt, do as your parents taught and TELL THE TRUTH.

  18. From the title, I thought they were referring to Regis Philbin. Even he cannot afford that kind of writing.

  19. To comment further, Briggane is a lousy reporter and I didn’t read his article.

    But the “benefit” and truth of Philbin calling a medical issue (which it was) a personal issue (which it wasn’t) is very unclear at best.

    Why distort the truth (lie) when there’s no benefit?

  20. Just another coward reporter. Philbin had every right to leave it at ‘personal issue’ if hartline didn’t want it publicized – one word: HIPPA. Jerk media reporters think they are deserving of the world! Good job Philbin next time apply the b*tch slap.

  21. Kevin Kolb is the starting quarterback. . . . Sean McDermott won’t be fired. . . . Yeah, it’s the same thing.

    You JUST wrote: “So a little lying goes with the territory. It’s an extension of the deception that occurs on the field, when trying to fool the opponent into thinking that the offense or the defense or the special teams will be doing something other than what it appears the offense or the defense or the special teams will be doing.”

    So that doesn’t apply to Philly, but it does to Miami?

  22. djclause says:Jul 4, 2012 11:13 AM

    Philbin is right and this information could be protected by the HIAPP law. Its best to be cautious than violate someone’s protected rights.

    HIPAA … The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

  23. Everyone here seems to want to invoke HIPAA without even understanding it. People shouldn’t play cards that they don’t understand. But I understand… we’re talking about Florida.

    Long story short, HIPAA has ZERO to do with whether a coach identifies the reason for non-participation as being medical or personal.

    But congratulations to all you Fish Fans who are proud to finally have a coach who is as paranoid as Bill Belichick. Hey, I guess if you can’t beat him…

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