Ray Perkins: “Tom Coughlin’s got another 15, 20 years in him”

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We recently noted that Ray Perkins, the 70-year-old former coach of the Giants, has taken a new job as a head coach at a junior college, and that Perkins said that he wants to stay there for 20 years. Perkins says he thinks the current coach of the Giants could stick around that long as well.

Perkins told the New York Post that Tom Coughlin, who turns 66 next month, could coach until he’s a whole lot older than that.

Tom Coughlin’s got another 15, 20 years in him,” Perkins said.

The oldest coaches in NFL history are George Halas and Marv Levy, who both coached until they were 72. Perkins couldn’t seriously think Coughlin will coach into his early or mid-80s, could he? Perkins insisted that he seriously believes Coughlin has the ability to coach that long.

“He does. He works out, he takes care of himself, he feels good,” Perkins said. “He’s a great coach, and I mean it. He’s got 15 or 20 more years in him. And he is totally wrong if he starts thinking of retirement, in my opinion.”

So Perkins thinks Coughlin could coach until he’s 86. And maybe that’s not so crazy. Connie Mack managed the Philadelphia Athletics until he was 87.

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  1. No need for Coughlin to coach that long. He has already proved himself to be a great coach, despite all the pundits that used to grumble about him being too strict….notice how he shut them up! He is a devout family man and will retire as one of the top coaches this league has seen. After winning another title in the next couple of years he will retire. Thanks Tom for doing it the right way!

  2. I don’t see why he couldn’t be coaching at some level for the next 20 years. Bill Walsh coached back at Stanford after he retired from the NFL. Stay in the sport you love without quite all the pressure.

  3. No one can do that job that long in the NFL. With that said, Coughlin is climbing his way to the best coach of all time. Does more with less than coach. Hail!

  4. Talk about a blast from the past……someone call Rich Petitbon and ask what he thinks of the job Shanahan is doing!….anyone heard from Forrest Gregg lately? How’s about ummmm, errrr……ahhhhh….never mind

  5. Not a giants fan, but I love tom coughlin and his coaching style. The guy does look like the cryptkeeper tho, so its kinda hard to believe another 10-15 years. Wouldn’t mind seeing it tho.

  6. I am a Giant fan and recently,I was fantasizing which coach I would be most like. I chose Coughlin and only wish my values and disipline were as strong as his.

  7. worldchampsbaby says:
    Jul 4, 2012 10:07 AM

    I am a Giant fan and recently,I was fantasizing which coach I would be most like.


    LOL. That says it it all. Perhaps they have a spot in the new Star Trek series for you, too.

  8. Coughlin is in good shape? He looks like he’s either extremely constipated or about to have a coronary every game. 15 years? As much as I hate the Giants, I really don’t want to see an 81 year old Coughlin spontaneously combust on the sideline.

  9. Ray Perkins has not been relevant in over a decade. I wonder what Richie Kotite’s recent thoughts are?

  10. As a die-hard Jags fan, I’m very thrilled for coach Coughlin. He did shut up his naysayers (it was only a matter of time), & I applaud & commend him on all the adversity he always had to challenge. I mean, he still resides here in Jax & still has his foundation, which speaks volumes of the man he is. IMO, he’s already legendary in my books.

    I really miss him down south, but at the time everyone was ready for a new era.
    Hmm now that I think of it, I wonder how much David Garrard could’ve fared under coach Coughlin’s offense, given TC drafted DG in his final draft in the 4th round??
    Anyways, here’s to coach Tom Coughlin being one of, if not the best coach in modern day football, staying firm to his beliefs & not changing much of who he was along with his (one-of-a-kind) conduct, which certainly pays dividends.
    Love ya Coach!!

  11. TC will coach another 3 years and hang it up. I know the man loves coaching, but i’m quite sure it takes a toll on someone that age. I was surprised he didn’t break his leg last year when he got ran into. They don’t make em like that anymore, right Coach Payton?

  12. I would say Coughlin is the best coach in the NFL today. He built that team up from scratch, unlike Mike Tomlin, and has beat Belichick twice. He may be strict and stern but you don’t see stuff like what’s going on with the Lions happening with the Giants, at least not often.

    NY is the only team in the NFC East I can stand, and that because surprisingly they have the classiest fans (unlike the Yankees which is odd), so keep up the good work NY. Next to my Ravens and whoever is playing Pittsburgh, you are my next favorite squad.

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