Rich McKay: Expanded review added one second to games


When the NFL changed replay rules to make every scoring play reviewable, the obvious was concern than games would stretch too long.

According to Falcons president and NFL competition committee chairman Rich McKay, that’s exactly what happened.

By one second.

McKay told’s Pat Yasinskas that games were only a second longer on average than in 2010.

“We were fearful going in about how we could pull it off,’’ McKay said of the replay booth review expansion. “I give the league a lot of credit for pulling it off the right way.’’

McKay also said a review of all of last year’s replays showed that there percentage showed that the right call was made close to 99 percent of the time.

“The biggest question over time is, are we ever going to move all decisions upstairs?’’ McKay said. “College football feels very comfortable with their decision upstairs. But I don’t see that in our near future.’’

This year, all turnovers will be subject to review. And fans will get to see more angles, as the league wants to enhance the in-stadium experience. So video boards will show the same angles officials see under the hood.

“They’ll see the exact same angles at the exact same time as he does,” McKay said.

That’s putting a lot of pressure on game officials they never had to endure, and the possibility of replacement officials making calls under such conditions makes an unenviable position even worse.

8 responses to “Rich McKay: Expanded review added one second to games

  1. Something tells me that even if the “Officials” reviewed every play, they would still make the wrong call more often than not. Call me biased but . . . well, I am. I’m a football fan and we know everything!

  2. NFL officiating aint what it used to be. It takes a conference of 5 guys to call a penalty and inevitably the one with the worst view casts the deciding vote.

    Where have you gone Art McNally?

  3. I agree that NFL officiating aint what it used to be. It has gone from bad to worse.

  4. I am guessing that when they say officials made the right call 99% of the time that they are including ALL plays in their calculations and not just the plays a flag was thrown!

  5. My bad, they were just talking about challenges. I still think 99% is high but hey, with “90 seconds” to watch multiple angles of a play they should be at 110% correct!

  6. if they put a replay official in a booth they could cut up to a minute off of the time of a game. Think about how much time it takes the official to stroll over to the monitor, put the hood over his head then look at multiple views on one screen. Put a replay official in a boot with multiple monitors away from on field distractions and replays will be much more efficient. They only reason this doesn’t happen is because the current refs don’t want to give away that power so the league gives in to them.

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